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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV – ASR

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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 21 ASR – FULL SHOW
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Stu Edmondson
executive producer
Xcorps TV




Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 21. ASR – Action sports rules the world of Xcorps and in this episode Team X rolls into the always cool San Diego convention center to cover the now historic A.S.R. show – the Action Sports Retail convention – one of the largest X sports products show places on earth.


Also on this XC episode the skate board gals of action sports bring it ON BIG in Hawaii with a look at what Patty Segovia’s All Girl Skate Jam is all about!


The eXcitement opens with XC hosts Bob Woodard and X Guru Eric Ducharme on the floor at ASR – a ROOTS retail meeting place in the world of Action Sports – surrounded by wildly original product vendors like Black Flys, Volcom, BillaBong and Vans along with more than 170 other brands that influence this adrenalized youth oriented retail market.


Xcorps cameras follow XCTV hosts Bob Woodard and Eric Ducharme as they tour the ASR floor rolling on the curveee Reef Girls shots and booth after booth of new sports toys and beachwear apparel.


The Music rolling with the BMX and Skate action moves here at the skate X ramp zone from RIVE productions band PROPAIN.


See pros like BMX rider Dave Voelker go huge along with skaters Doug Brown and others banging boards.


Xcorps host Bob Woodard talks to Dave “The Lord” V about his Xlete sponsor and the sport of BMX.

Plenty of cool action and sweet easy looking moves – right – on street ramps here at ASR.


After the break the insanity returns with a near white powder riot at the Volcom Nuts area and Bob  stopping by the XLETE booth to talk to extreme X Sports athletes Rich Hopkins along with Derrick“D MANN” Daigle.


Insane footage here of Derrick going ultra-sonic on a rice rocket on his way to Vegas!

Check out the siK action video from his pulling a 176 MPH wheelie and topping 180 mph his street motorcycle!


As Derrick tells Bob, “Go Big or Go Home!” For more see high speed runs see Derrick Mann’s

“X-Country D-Tour” video.


In the next Xcorps Action Sports segment report Eric Ducharme introduces a new music video from RIVE featuring the southern California Irish Celtic Punk band Flogging Molly performing their song ‘Seven Deadly Sins’.


This Flogging Molly song IS a jig jumping good time and the Video displays wildly Mid-Evil animation work!


After that it back to ASR and more shots of the REEF girls and Bob Woodard stopping by the always cool Utopia Optics booth to chat with the fun gals representing there…Sweet!

Nice Xcorps ‘Stay Tuned’ throw from the girls – Thank-You Utopia Girls!


The next show segment features women in skateboarding tearing things up at a North Shore Hawaii pool skating event presented by Patty Segovia and her AGSJ – the All Girl Skate Jam – team!


Watch fearless female skate board athletes here grinding the pool copings thanks to Patty Segovia who organized this Hawaii skate event.



Xcorps Action Sports features the WOMEN of  this adrenalized sports genre proving chicks can rip on a skateboard too!


See bust out moves by the best in women’s skateboarding with girls like Amber Cangliose, Heidi Fitzgerald, Nicole Zuch and X Game winner C.B.Burnside ripping the concrete combi style pool in Oahu.


Guest Xcorps TV host Micaela Ramirez talks to AGSJ Hawaii skater Isabelle Caudle about the underground core event.


Thank you Patty S for making it happen and reporting on your events here on Xcorps!


Checking out the AGSJ Action in Hawaii was original Zephyr Z-Boys skate team member Peggy Oki – Right on Peggy!


Heidi Fitzgerald grinding the coping at the AGSJ North Shore Hawaii.


After that show continues back at ASR with Eric Ducharme taking a look and a test ride on a new skate product – the Yamaha IVY Sonic electric skateboard.


The Yamaha skateboard – yes the motorcycle company – looks futuristic and performs as such – changing directions and speed by a mere shift in a riders weight!

Unreal…Check out the Yamaha Sonic Board in action at ASR.


A unique wild board ride is electric powered complete with running lights and steered by the riders slightest moves. More music here from RIVE promoted band ProPain!


This XC show wraps with mixed bag of video clips from the ASR floor and a promise of more action sports on the next Xcorps Action Sports TV episode.


Additional music in this show by NOFX, Outcast, Ozomatli, Drowning Pool, Rolling Stones, Dr.Dre and Paul Oakenfold.

See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!

A J.S.Edmondson Film 2/2005  First Airing Release.

©2015 The Xcorps 




*Watch the FULL XCORPS TV show episode here for FREE!

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 21 ASR – FULL SHOW
Video LINK:

See the Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!

Stay Tuned!

Stu Edmondson
executive producer
Xcorps TV




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