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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV BASE 2

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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 14. BASE-2 – FULL SHOW

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Stu Edmondson
executive producer
Xcorps TV




Action Sports Music TV 14. BASE-2 – Full Show Free – Those fearing heights beware for this episode of the Xcorps free falls right over the edge with XC guest host and world class B.A.S.E. jumper Ray Murphy dropping himself into Planet Earth’s deepest CAVE SHAFT – a 1200 foot glory hole in a remote area of Mexico called Cave of the Swallows.

Xcorps14BASE2jump3  Xcorps14BASE2jump4

For the ultimate in ground rushes Ray and 5 of his loco amigo hombres from the States – Matt McClone, Jeremy Brice, Morgan Moert, Travis Meimann, and Dan Langstraat all strap on their life saving parasails that look like VERY small backpacks and launch themselves into the massive underground void where very few have gone before!

Xcorps14BASE2mexMAP  Xcorps14BASE2mexMAP2

Ray and his gang of X MEN were some of the first BASE jumpers at the Cave of the Swallows which was created when a massive water flows over eons eroded the limestone enough to cause a cave ceiling collapse here on a BIG scale!


Check out the  surreal action here and think about the concept… Earth Diving underground as opposed to Skydiving!


The Speed Rush Effect to the BASE jumpers is much more than Skydiving because the rock walls of the 1200 foot cave are speeding by at more than 100 mph just a few feet from the ripcord holding jumpers!


Besides knowing the right moment in a freefall to pull the ripcord a major decision when BASE jumping is the place your going to LAND and that area like an airport runway needs to be fairly clear of debris!  In other words your horozontal landing could KILL you!

The GIANT BOULDERS that covered the bottom of the Cave of The Swallows is an example of a less than perfect safe landing area! The best zone was marked off by bright mark tape.


The landing zone for Ray and his merry band of X MEN was marked off with bright tape and know one was injured upon their touchdowns!

Wild scenes here along with great tunes by the Maverick Records bands Off by One, Drowning Pool and cool new breakout band from New England named Jediah mixing it up with the ambient cave echo sounds and the calls of swallow birds which are actually Swifts and Green Parakeets!


Sima de las Cotorras (Cave of Swallows) is located in Chiapas, Eastern Mexico and it is a example of of a geologic ‘Sinkhole’ on a GRANDE earth scale making the 333-meter deep swallow cave a very cool place on the Earth!

The first documented exploration of the Cave of the Swallows was by T. R. Evans, Charles Borland and Randy Sterns on December 27, 1966 though the cave has been known by the local ancient Huastec people.


What is very strange about being at the bottom of a 1200 foot deep round cave is the LOW LIGHT effect with the daylight illumination coming from a jagged alien moon in a strange black sky!

At the bottom which is 994 by 442 ft wide even mid day when looking up all you see is a little larger than 150 foot size disc of sky –  that seems a LOT farther away than 1200 feet resembling a strange Planet Moon!  This coupled with the eXtreme echo audio effect offers a unique and mind blowing eXperience!


B.A.S.E. jumpersBuildings – Antennas – Structures – Earth are a some say insane and largely growing niche of adventurers who first must do thousands of jumps from aircraft to learn the needed skills to jump closer to earth.


Jumping BASE is jumping with no margin for error. Feel true X terror with scenes here on Xcorps TV shot with multi helmet cams worn by the six eXtremists on their 7 second flirt with Death!


In this Xcorps episode the viewer is pulled downward with adrenalized clarity into the largest limestone sinkholes on the planet – The Cave of the Swallows near the remote town of Golondrinas in Eastern Mexico where jumping there is now currently off limits!

SimaDeLas Cotorras

This sink hole cave is 1200 feet deep equating to a seven second 100 mph B.A.S.E. drop before the rip cord pulling speed halt followed by a dangerous glide landing!  Included here in the video shot in the cave echo chamber filled with sound of screaming BASE free falls and the wail of thousands of swallows and parrots living in the vertical cave walls! Surreal for sure!

Watch those huge boulders littering the cave floor when landing! There are no nearby hospitals here in this part of remote Mexico!


How do the BASE jumpers get back OUT? Watch this XC episode and see how Ray and his team get out of the cave since there are no stairs or any way to climb out! 


Mid-way through this Xcorps TV show Ray introduces a new music video from RIVE  music promotions with the band NickelBack cranking up the volume with an explosive solid rock live performance of their song – Figured You Out. Nice!

Xcorps14BASE2NickelBack1  Xcorps14BASE2NickelBack


After that Ray returns with more BASE jump action followed by a new show segment report from Xcorps host Bob Woodard back in San Diego riding a new skateboard from PHAT Cruise Boards.


Bob rolls his hood Point Loma on a Hammerhead super wide board tracking the seaside hills pushed by jamming tunes from Maverick Records band Drowning Pool.


The Hammerhead board is a unique and custom skate ride for sure!


Hear what Bob thinks of the Phat Hammer Head ride!


After that its back to Ray Murphy in Mexico with more cave BASE jumping Action and some great video shots of jumpers shot by X CAMS hanging half way down the cave on a rope!


Wow…Is that what a falling human body sounds like flying by at 100 mph!



This Xcorps TV episode wraps with some sweet Wakeboard shots – a preview of an upcoming Xcorps episode featuring pro waker Evelyn Zerr Nelson grabbing some BIG AIR!


Additional music by Maverick Records bands One Side Zero, Rolling Stones and Dr.Dre.

Special Thanks to Ray Murphy and the BASE X Boys! Mucho loco Amigos!


A J.S.Edmondson Film TRT-21:00 4/2004 first airing. Closed Captioned.

See the Action Hear the Music Join the Xcorps!

©2015 TheXcorps



*Watch the FULL XCORPS TV show episode here for FREE!


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 14. BASE-2 – FULL SHOW

See the Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!

Stay Tuned!

Stu Edmondson
executive producer
Xcorps TV




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