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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 12. LUGE – FULL SHOW



Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 12. LUGE – FULL SHOW Free – Xcorps cameras were the only ones rolling at a grassroots guerrilla style gravity sports event called The Barrett Junction Shootout featuring a wide mix of Action Sports including downhill luge, stand up skate speed board, inline speed skate and gravity bike racing held at a remote stage coach stop called Barrett Junction 35 miles south east of San Diego California.


It was a HOT dry Santa Anna winds weekend in southern California and there were multiple major wildfires burning all over San Diego county including one down here near the Mexican border at Barrett Junction population of about 100.


The wild range fires lines were marching across the ready to flash chaparral brush that covered the mountains surrounding the LUGE event but race promoter and race participant Frank Waterhouse had other things on his mind – hoping that everyone will survive the day on the well worn closed stretch of old Highway 94 which was being used today as Gravity Race course!


The overhead NASA shot from space showing the  huge clouds of smoke blowing away from the fires says it all with thousands of San Diego homes burning up in the firestorms giving good reason this XC show is dedicated to the fire victims.


Wild firestorms raged and the smell of smoke was in the air as gravity riders from around the world zipped up race leathers, checked their trucks and let it go at the IGSA sanctioned event organized by rider Frank Waterhouse who broke the course record on the closed stretch of highway 94 not far from the Mexican border.


Xcorps TV host Bob Woodard opens up the show from Point Loma San Diego riding a type of street luge developed by a man named Rick Ireton called the Skate Speeder which is equipped with the new SkateBrake giving it great control.


With cameras filming Bob rolls the San Diego neighborhoods above Ocean Beach! Not bad for the first runs Bob!


Back at the Barrett Junction Shootout race event Xcorps cameras were set up at several locations on the closed circuit asphalt course. Hay bales set along the course covered some of the gnarley corners but by far the most dangerous part of racing this road was the BIG CLIFF DROPS onto jagged rocks below all along the way with NO guardrails or anything to even slow a death launch!  Medivac choppers were standing by and luckily only one racer was evacuated with major injuries!


All Action Sports followers who showed up at the event were also watching the sky with radio warnings that out of control firestorms were burning  a ring surrounding the race area!  The roads were closed from the fire now and the races were on! Lots of big smoke and fire shots here along with a dedication of this Xcorps show to all the victims of the biggest fire in San Diego history in 2003!


Fast action rolling by the lens here with shots of Gravity Games and X Games winners like Rat Sult and the ever speed loving Kludy filmed here skating 60 mph down the hair pinned and cliff edged coarse which offered no room at all for error!


See speed skaters in their best Speed Tucks flash by the XCAMS and watch a slo -mo sick head over heels wipeout by gravity bike rider Noah Rutherford who lives to tell the Xcorps cameras all about it!  Check out the fresh scratches his helmet face plate! Yes we slo-mo all the magic moments for our viewing audience. Noah split the rims on his Gravity Bike and eventually recovered from the crash.


In the next segment Inline Speedskaters Dave Lambert and downhill In line speed skate champ George Merkert talk about their experiences in the Action Sport of Inline Speedskating and of this event and invite other skaters to Go for Speed! This is another Xcorps TV hidden sports example – Inline Speedskating – a well organized niche Action adrenaline Sport that most people have never even heard of!  Check it out here on XC – Stay Tuned!

The music rolling here with the extreme action from the bands – Papa Roach and  music video from Lo-Tel.


Also check out speed inline skater Donald Orlando here who shows off his 84mm 6 wheel skates which he got up to a clocked 58 mph! How did that feel Donald?… enjoyed it…OK nice!


After that Xcorps first time on the show guest host and Gravity Games, X Games gold medalist Rat Sult roams the pits and talks to the fiercest female Street LUGE competitor in the downhill gravity league – Stacy Allen from Oklahoma and asks her how she got into the sport.


The next X segment shows speed board legend Kludy talking to the XC camera about the effects today of big winds  and surrounding firestorms had on the race and how the event will go down in grassroots underground Action Sports history and yes it is true the Xcorps TV was the only TV production crew there! 

Music here from the Rolling Stones and Dr. Dre backing the neck twisting action here on the show.


 Frank Homemade Waterhouse wraps the wild west shootout with a couple more fast Street Luge runs followed with his cool thoughts of how it all went down at Barrett Junction!




More powerfully clear NASA fire photos taken from space showing multiple blazes that surrounded the event closing all exit roads! The Xcorps camera unit ran the fiery gauntlet and stopped long enough to get some close up fire shots for our viewers. Many at the race camped a red sky night within in the Ring of Fire making the weekend even more legendary!

Some say while the screaming flames raged that fiery weekend Johnny Cash could be heard singing…“I fell into a ….”.


In the next XC segment host Bob Woodard takes another luge run back in San Diego and thro’s the show over to Xcorps host Jason Lazo who is in Detroit Michigan hanging with the So Cal band NHOINever Heard Of It – playing Saint Andrews Hall in the Rock City.


After the crowd pleasing concert Jason hangs with NHOI in their trailer and during the on camera interview with the band he proceeds to – ALMOST – blow the place up!  Watch the full XC show for the fun details!

Remember you saw this band NHOI first on Xcorps!


The last XC segment has Jason Lazo doing an introduction to a new music video from our friends at Rive Video Promotions featuring a happy go lucky tune from Relapse Records band UNSANE edited to SKATE WIPEOUT footage! Right on with the Pain but as with most things illustrated here on the Xcorps – Don’t try this at home kids!

WARNING – fierce face grinding bone breaking skate wipeouts here! Wear your bloody helmet and pads!


The show wraps with more skate punishment from Rive along with host Bob Woodard on his skate luge promising more Action and Music from the Xcorps next week. Check your bearings and trucks and wear your leathers!

Additional music c/o Fred Croshal at Maverick Records with the Deftones and Drowning Pool.


See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!

 A J.S.Edmondson Film TRT-22:00 12/2003 Close Captioned

©2015 The Xcorps


*Watch the FULL XCORPS TV show episode here for FREE!


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 12. LUGE – FULL SHOW

See the Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!

Stay Tuned!

Stu Edmondson
executive producer
Xcorps TV




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