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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #30. BMX Featuring Rick Thorne at his private Fade To Black Skatepark


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #30. BMX – FULL SHOW


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The X cams zoom in on southern California in this tag teaming episode with guest hosts Rat Sult and Crystal Aldana hanging with the All Girl Skate Jam at the Vans Warped Tour in San Diego


BMX bike master Rick Thorne hucking major moves at his private park in east LA…

…and Jason Lazo checking out the opening of the worlds largest skate park – Vans indoor skate park – in Orange California.


This charging XC show opens up in gear with guest host and BMX legend Rick Thorne at his custom BMX park built in his backyard in east LA.

See what the Man in Black as Rick is known says about the sport of BMX biking and check his action moves backed by new tunes and video from Suburban Noize band Mower cranking their song Road Rage. No worries…Knowbody really died in the making of the video!


After that Crystal and Rat roll the Vans Warped Tour and report on the skate action at the All Girl Skate Jam produced by Patty Segovia.

See what’s happening at the custom all aluminum ramp painted by the folks at Lost…Cool.


Rat interviews chick skaters Apryl Woodcock and Mandy Esch on what’s going down. Great shots of them and other girls pulling moves.

After the break the action and music continue with another SubNoiZe band the KottonMouth Kings performing their new video Move cut to more freestyle BMX action featuring Rick Thorne. Nice fit.


At the WARPED TOUR Rat interviews Rick for the details behind the freestyle zone he calls Fade to Black named after the iconic Metallica song.

Check out some training BMX flights with cool foam pit landings by rider Sean Stack here also backed by tunage from Maverick Records artist – Cookie – doing Hot Night.


In the next segment Rat and Crystal thro it to host Jason Lazo who is at the grand opening of the super sized Vans skate park called The Block located in Orange California. Check out the Xcam footage of this place which at 46,000 sq. feet makes it one of the largest skate parks on the planet!

Xcorps X cams rolled the action on the street course complete with ramps, rails, banks and pyramids.


Killer shots at the 80 foot vert ramp as well as pros rolling the Combi Pool built from the original Upland California skate pool plans. Sweet!

Jason Lazo talks to combi pool legend SalbaSteve Alba on what he thinks of the new park layout. See what he thinks of the place.


For music in this XC segment Mower cranks the tunes with a scortching remake of California Dreamin rocking the skate action!

Additional music and video from RIVE promoted Selectric Records band – Cross Culture – jamming their song- Swing.


After the break the cameras are back at the Vans Warped Tour zooming in on Rat Sult hanging at the AGSJ booth with the cool girls from team Metro Mint.

Rat Sult talks to AGSJ founder Patty Segovia about the event and all girl skate team.


This X show closes out bouncing with the KMK band and more sick BMX action from Rick Thorne at his personal back yard Fade to Black skate park along with some sound advise from the Man in Black – Do something POSITIVE with your LIFE! Looks can be deceiving – don’t judge a book and all that!…!


Additional music from Ozomatli doing the song Cut Chemist Suite. Keep it moving!

A J.S.Edmondson Film 9/2006 TrT-22:00


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*Watch the FULL XCORPS TV show episode VIDEO here for FREE



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*Xcorps TV Production Tip #30. – Please DO IT!


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