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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 31. THUNDER BOATS – Full Show – This all American Action Sports Music TV episode rolls out fast and cool on the bays and beaches of sunny San Diego Mission Bay Park featuring 200 mph hydroplane thunder boat racing along with a new remote way to surf the waves with the RC Surfer.


Xcorps host Rat Sult opens up the action on Mission Bay at the ABRA World Series of Powerboat Racing with 1700 + HP jet and piston powered H20 rocket boats charging for the finish line in San Diegos premier boat race and the fastest on the planet for this historic piece of Americana power boat racing!

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Check out the footage caught by the Xcams rolling on the action with classic professional water racing with high horse boats trailing rooster tails the length of an Amtrack train all pumped up by new music and video from Dangerbird Records RIVE promoted band the Silver Sun Pickups introduced here on the Xcorps TV!


Included in this Thunder Boats episode are insanely fast POV speed shots from inside the cockpit of the jet race boats giving the viewer a real look and sound of the rough race ride experienced by half mad drivers which is something akin to a rock skipping across the water!


This is what its like to ride the racing edge where one false race move of sudden gust of wind can spell a watery high speed disaster!


The ever enthusiastic reporter Rat Sult rolls the behind the scenes boat pits taking a look at the 2 basic types of boat motors – jet and piston. Rat talks to some of the contending drivers about the thrills and challenges of piloting these high powered water sleds! They don’t call the sport HYDROPLANE racing for nothing!


Xcorps music here by Maverick Records promoted band Story of the Year with scenes from their new video Take Me Back.
Youth angst and all American motor sports action is the name of the game in this music video!


After that Xcorps host Jason Lazo is on the beach introducing viewers with an XC exclusive on the unique RC SURFER which is a remote controlled mini surf board complete with cool surfer riding the waves at the OB Pier in Ocean Beach California. Way cool dude!


Representing for this cool product Ed Dietrich from RC Surfrider hangs 10 from the beach with this fun new RC item and drops Jason some great stories from around the world RC surfing!


Sweet POV water cam shots of the surfer in action under the infamous OB Pier! Music from Fred Croshal and Downtown Records band the Eagles of Death Metal along with So Cal surf band the Screamin Seamen. Outside man!


This XC show wraps with more high speed Thunder Boat hydroplane race action with the custom high horse water racers ripping the crowd lined Mission Bay race course.


See overall race winner Jean Theoret of Team UA-7 Beacon Plumbing nearly lose control on his boat skipping across the water at over 200 mph and keeping the crowd gasping! It’s all over if you crash at these speeds!


Pushing the action fusion punk rap band Hed p.e. keeps it tight with their new video Get Ready. Back in the pits Rat Sult talks with team Obertos Larry Oberto – yes the jerkey maker – about the race as well as privateer racer U-3 Jimmy King who tells what got him into racing. Check his reason for risking it all.


X Man Rat closes the show out in front of a wrecked and burned hulk of a T race boat with a word of caution and a promise of more action and music on the next episode of XcorpsStay Tuned!


Additional music from Maverick Records band Paul Oakenfold as well The Wreckers featuring Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp.


A J.S.Edmondson Film TrT-22:00

As the saying goes…Go Big Or Go Home!
10/2006 original TV airing
See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps
©2016 TheXcorps



*Watch the FULL XCORPS TV show episode VIDEO here for FREE



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*Xcorps TV Production Tip #31. – Please DO IT!


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