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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV OFF ROAD NIGHTS seg.5


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #61.) OFF ROAD NIGHTS seg.5


See the ACTION Hear The Music JOIN The Xcorps!


This motor sports action episode of Xcorps TV featuring racing legend Robby Gordon demonstrating his rubber burning driving skills at a rugged Off Road Dirt Lifestyle Festival called Off Road Nights held in Temecula southern California.


Xcorps TV host Rat Sult created and produced the ‘Off Road Nights’ lifestyle festival which was held Saturday August 8. 2015 at the Temecula Promenade Mall. Xcorps cameras rolled on the music and the action at the event as well as zooming in on some of the cool sponsor tents showing off their new products!


Temecula California is considered to be the Off Road vehicle capital of the world because of its proximity to a wide range of environments from alpine forests to blazing deserts!


Xcorps cameras rolled the Off Road Nights event following show host and reporter Rat Sult checking out all the cool new aftermarket items involved with such sports as desert racing, motocross bike racing, rock crawling and all adventure type vehicles imaginable.


The X cams and X Drones in the sky were rolling as Rat and a friend sampled the sounds at the Audio Evolution van featuring a massively punchy Rockford – Fosgate sound system pumping out 6500 watts of music power!

Twisted Sister Baby! Hang on!


Stay Tuned for this next Xcorps show which focuses on Rat Sults OffRoad Night dirt vehicle festival which includes a hugely impressive demonstration at the event by multi genre pro racer Robby Gordon who has raced NASCAR, CART, IndyCar, Trans-Am, IMSA, IROC and the Dakar Rally.


Also in this XC show meet the newly crowned Miss Offroad Nights 2015 Brielle Cunningham who also races in her ‘Gold Digger’ truck along with roots off road race legend and OFN trophy winner Curt LeDuc who was also at the event.


Robby Gordon brought his main off road RACING VEHICLES with him to the Off Road Nights including his SST Speed Energy Stadium Super Truck and his HST (Hummer Style Truck) V-8 desert racing truck known as “Gordini” built on a FIA chassis rolling on 37 inch Toyo tires which Robby races in the Dakar series. For power Gordini has a V8 / 6,2 L engine producing 300 hp.


Segment one in this XC episode zooms in from the X DRONE above the event to a band jamming the stage named SpankShaft! Yes folks and they do spank their instruments hard to wild action shots of Robby Gordon – along with XC host Rat Sult riding shotgun – burning the Toyo Tires in the Gordini mobile!


Segment two in the show begins with more ACTION of Robby Gordon revving the horses out of his custom off road truck smoking the Toyo tires on the Temecula Mall asphalt and then hitting a ramp for some AIR to a cheering crowd at Rat Sult’s Off Road Nights held in Temecula California. Rat talks to Robby on camera about his current race plans and then hear what Robby thinks of Rat’s Off Road Nights event!

Music in this XC show segment provided by Encinitas musical artist Billy Shaddox doing his original song “Feels Like Home”.


Part 3 of this wild Xcorps episode rolls straight at the camera with an introduction by XC show host and Offroad Nights event creator Rat Sult walking the safety barrier greeting all the fun off road motorsports fans!

Rat checks out the show vendors stopping at the Rockford-Fosgate sound demo booth CRANKING the tunes from their custom mega audio system sound van!


Sound dampening headphones are needed in this vehicle which can pump 6500 watts at 155db – capable of causing major ear damage! You don’t turn the volume dial very far on this system folks!


Rat talks to Rockford Fosgate front man Taylor Thompson about this wild van and its sound systems specs!

Check out the tunes and video here from RIVE promoted heavy riff band Atom Strange out of NYC doing their tune ‘I’m Alive’…a perfect test for this massive R-F nuclear audio sound system!


Segment 4 on this XC motorsports episode charges at the viewer with more Robby Gordon 4X4 truck action and a couple of 360 smoking donuts and two wheel drive by’s for the happy fans lucky enough to attend Rat Sult’s Off Road Nights event.


Rat talks to RSO Performance custom build master rep Tyler Francis about an insane polished aluminum stretched widened and lifted Toyota Landcruiser FJ 40. Very nice and with a Chevy/Edelbrock 500HP 383 fuel injected motor it can go anywhere you want!


After that Rat takes a look at a 800 HP off road Sprint Car – the ultimate in offroad speed drag racing!


Music charging this Xcorps piece is from Earache Records RIVE promoted 70’s style retro Punk N Roll band the BITERS jamming their song “Restless Hearts”. This band from Atlanta Georgia is an Xcorps style fist and foot London Anthem Rock band baby! Just right for the Xcorps TV ACTION!


For some memorable action Robby G just happened to bring a Jump Ramp along to catch a little AIR in his stadium truck testing the custom suspension as well as smoking the TOYO tires HARD on both his vehicles for the delighted and cheering crowds!


In the XCTV closing segment 5 see host reporter X – Rat Sult in Temecula California at an off road lifestyle event “Off Road Nights” with more rubber burning 4X4 truck drift action Robby Gordon style!
Music in this segment from the local Temecula band SPANKSHAFT spanking it hard with their song Cardboard Chili!


As expected on Xcorps TV Rat rolls with the ACTION in the co-pilots seat with offroad and multi genre motor sports racer Robby Gordon smoking the corners to cheering fans!

Xcorps TV show host and Off Road Nights producer Rat Sult recaps this wild and unique motor sports event closing out this hard charging TV with some all American FolkWise music from Billy Shaddox.


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A J.S.Edmondson Film – TRT- 4:00 ©2015 TheXcorps


See The Action Hear the Music Join The Xcorps!


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #61.) OFF ROAD NIGHTS seg.5


A J.S.Edmondson Film – TRT- 4:00 ©2015 TheXcorps
See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!


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Jam On The Rocks Deanna Bogart

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV PREVIEW – Deanna Bogart –  Jam On The Rocks


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents a Special Preview : – 


“Jam On The Rocks” featuring the multi talented musical artist Deanna Bogart

performing live at her desert home in the mountains above Rancho Mirage California.


Stay Tuned for this special Xcorps TV presentation coming soon!



Produced by Xcorps TV.

Sponsored by Deanna Bogart
Bill MacMillan & John Conley
Russell Luce & Franchesca Forrer
Jerry & Judy Potthoff


See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!

A JSE Film 11/2015 Release Trt 3:44


XcorpsSHOWvideoHERE2Xcorps Presents PREVIEW Jam On The Rocks Deanna Bogart

Xcorps Presents PREVIEW Jam On The Rocks Deanna Bogart – Special Presentation VIDEO

Deanna Bogart Music


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Xcorps Action Sports MIG 21

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #29. MIG 21 – FULL SHOW


Xcorps TV goes ballistic in this special supersonic episode featuring host Jason Lazo strapping into a Russian MIG-21 combat jet fighter. Also on this show host Rat Sult unleashes his new 500 HP desert sand rod all powered by music from 4 new rocking bands!

XcorpsSHOWvideoHERE2 Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #29. MIG 21 – FULL SHOW

This XC show opens from Stead Air Field near Reno Nevada where host Jason Lazo is walking the line at Mig Alley so named because of the nest of Russian jet fighter aircraft parked there.

Xcorps-MIG21 DIRECTORS CUT – Special Presentation VIDEO

It’s all about high performance on the Xcorps with Jason looking Top Gun sitting in the original 70’s era Mach 2.3 Mig-21 cockpit!


This particular Russian plane is known for its very high performance being one of the fastest fighters made to date which terrorized U.S. fighter and bomber pilots in the Vietnam era with fast hit and run technique!


Segment one in this XC show warms up with some close up shots of the Red Star Squadron jet and some pre flight hanger briefing by X Rocket pilot Bob Ray who coaches Jason on the finer points of ejection seat etiquette.


With the MIG-21 if the engine quits its time to leave the ride fast since the plane nose dives like a lawn dart without power!


The wings are very thin providing direction and stability with little very little lift or glide capabilities.


Jason checks out the thin delta triangular wings canopy!strapped to a BIG engine which jams the jet over Mach 2.3 – over 1300 mph wide open which actually heats up the jets the glass canopy!


Music backs the high speed action with Downtown Records new band Eagles of Death Metal jamming their song

‘Just Nineteen‘ – keeping the groove!


After the break Xcorps TV reporter Jason Lazo returns to introduce more new music and a cool video from Palm Desert California band Eagles of Death Metal doing their song ‘I Want you so Hard’.


Featured with the Eagles Of Death Metal band in the video are

musician Dave Grohl and actor Jack Black…Hilarious!


Produced by Josh Homme this music is sexy rock and roll fun!


After that the JP5 fuel ignites with Jason in the MIG again and more fresh tunes from the Maverick Records band Family Force 5 keeping it taught with their song ‘Love Addict‘. XcorpsMIG21main3

The MIG-21 aircraft appearing in this Xcorps episode is an original 70’s era warplane complete with aqua green cockpit interior devoid of any fancy gadgets or electronics a true high performance pilots airplane. XcorpsMIG21JasonROLL

It gets HOT inside a MIG-21 cockpit and for comfort an old metal 3 blade truck fan on the dash! Watch killer no GoPro POV DV cam on board Mig-21 flight video with radio audio patch chatter of XC host Jason Lazo and pilot Bob Ray as the plane taxis and launches off the Reno Nevada high desert runway!


This was no tourist ride folks and no punches were pulled for this show with both Jason Lazo and producer Stu Edmondson taking off in two separate flights for full test air show practice flight maneuvers!


US Navy carrier landing pilot Bob Ray jockeyed the rocket powered MIG JET through big sky moves including 5G turns, 4 point barrel rolls and inverted loops all with full afterburner! To get you these video shots the 2 pound Sony camera Jason was holding became an unmovable weight on his chest during the high G turns!


 Flying in a MIG-21 is a very FUN way to burn 500 gallons of gas…inless than 45 minutes!

Check it out here only on The Xcorps!


After the landing back at Stead Airbase the cameras caught Jason’s new look! See what pilot Billy Bob Ray thinks of our Xcorps host on his first MIG flight! Great sound no script bytes from Top Gun J!

See what he compares the combat style speed ride to!


Segment three in the show rolls out with Jason jamming a cool dobro sound guitar followed by a cool new video from our

friends at RIVE featuring the band Street Dogs.

U.S. Iraq war vets make up the Street Dogs band and pro GI vet produced video rings home with their song ‘Back to the World’– being as true and down home as it gets. Back our US forces! Back the Vets!

NevadaMAP The high flying horsepower continues in next show segment with Jason Lazo introducing some off road motor sports action with XC guest host Rat Sult at the Glamis Dunes in California firing up

his new All Star sand rod powered by a 500 HP LS2 Corvette motor!


Check out the POV action as Rat rolls up and races 2 other sand rods pumped by new Suburban NoiZe Records band

Hed p.e. doing their song Lock and Load. This is no lilly assed tune!


In XC segment 4 the show then goes trans continental with the Xguru Eric Ducharme hosting and reporting back stage from the Black Cat in Washington D.C. where he talks with Eagles of Death Metal band member Jesse Boots Electric Hughes.


Check out the laughs and the story behind how the band – Eagles of Death Metal – got its name. The Mig-21 show closes out with a few more high speed flybys with Jason over the Nevada desert and a thanks to all involved in making this episode of XCORPS the fastest one yet and a promise of another dose of speed and music next week! XcorpsMIG21credits

See the action Hear the Music Join the Xcorps! A J.S.Edmondson Film 5/2006 release Trt-22:00

©2015 TheXcorps

XcorpsSHOWvideoHERE2 Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #29. MIG 21 – FULL SHOW

Xcorps-MIG21 DIRECTORS CUT – Special Presentation VIDEO

*Xcorps TV Production Tip #29. – Please DO IT! Tip Coming Soon!

JSE/XCTV *Xcorps TV Production Tip #29. – Please DO IT!


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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV BAJA BLUES

Xcorps Action Sports Music 62. BAJA BLUES seg.5


The Xcorps TV crew headed south of the border to Mexico for this getaway show to bring our audience another round of action sports and music from an event called the Baja Blues Festival!


Xcorps Action Sports #62 BAJA BLUES seg.5  VIDEO BELOW

Tommy Castro and the PAIN KILLERS Music

In this opening XCTV show segment on camera host Rat Sult opens things up from the beautiful Rosarito Beach hotel Mexico where the sounds of the blues are drifting on the ocean winds at the Baja Blues Music Festival.


Check out the funky down beat here on Xcorps TV provided by Tommy Castro and the Painkillers followed by Tijuana blues maker Hola Soy Lola and her band.


Additional vocals by bluesman Mopar Murray.


Segment 2 in this XC episode opens up with San Diego’s best blues band award winner the Bayou Brothers having some fun with vocalist Michele Lundeen taking part in the performance here in this beautifully laid back Mexican beach resort!



XC seg. 3 opens up with the super scenic Pacific Ocean view from the 18th floor of Rosarito Beach Hotel and the sound f the blues with Backwater Blues band jamming with the guest musical artist Deanna Bogart charging on the ivory keys and lending in on the vocals.


XC host Rat Sult talks to event organizer and Backwater band musician Tom Stewart.


Part 4 of this Xcorps episode charges straight at the camera with some fast paced blues from the band Tommy Castro and the Pain Killers!


Great shots of the bands onstage members Tommy Castro – guitar vocals, James Pace – keyboards, Bowen Brown – drums and Randy McDonald – bass. XC host Rat Sult talks with band leader Castro and gets his thoughts on the Rosarito Beach Baja Blues event.


Also in this show segment 4 Rat takes the viewer to the nearby Cantomar beach sand dunes for some wild ATV quad action! Check out the shots of the Rat Man rolling Xcorps style with a wide open throttle cut to more pumping music from Tommy Castro and the Pain Killers!


Tommy Castro and the PAIN KILLERS Music


Segment 5 closing out this south of the border episode of Xcorps comes in different flavors with XCTV host Rat Sult stopping for some eats at BAJA CALYPSO just south of Rosarito Beach at surf spot K-38. Check out the tasty snacks created by the chefs at this coastal eatery.


Baja Calypso IS where the XC crew tasted some of the best cuisine available near Rosarito Beach!


Rat talks to owner Gilles Knafo about the treats and goes for a tequila shooter!

This XC show closes out with a sweet sand dune scene at Cantomar Dunes and little more tight blues from the Backwater Blues Band at the Baja Blues Fest!


Stay Tuned for this upcoming XCTV episode called ‘Baja Blues’ featuring music from the Baja Blues Festival held at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. This resort is in Rosarito Beach Baja California Mexico just south of Tijuana and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.


Bands performing at the event included Tommy Castro and the Painkillers, Deanna Bogart, Backwater Blues Band, Missy Andersen, Hola Soy Lola, The Bayou Brothers and Michele Lundeen.


Also featured on this XC show is a MUY BUENO place to eat called Baja Calypso where the X crew tasted some of the best cuisine available near Rosarito Beach.


Xcorps host Rat Sult goes Margaritaville in this tasty fun segment


For the X Action in this Xcorps special feature host Rat Sult and the X CAM crew rolled over to the super scenic Cantamar Sand Dunes to ride quad ATV’s and see how the locals spell fun down in Mexico!


See The Action Hear the Music

Join The Xcorps…Stay Tuned!


A J.S.Edmondson Film 10/2015 Release TrT-4:00

Deanna Bogart Music


©2015 TheXcorps


Xcorps Action Sports #62 BAJA BLUES seg.5  VIDEO BELOW

Tommy Castro and the PAIN KILLERS Music

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