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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV and RAW Ventures supporting Natural Born Artists Presents Chezale LIVE at the House Of Blues San Diego California

Xcorps TV presents a RAW Artists Event at the House of Blues Featuring Musical Artist Chezale.

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents a RAW natural born artists event LIVE at the House of Blues in San Diego California featuring a performance by musical hip hop artist Chezale along with a WIDE MIX of FASHION looks and talents hitting the stage at the always Holy House of Blues!



Mavvin Is a Habit

Hip Hop Nation Pullin out Knots

The X CAMS focused on a happening mix of artists and stage performers in this lifestyle film presentation rolling on RAW natural born artists hosted by the House Of Blues and part of Fashion Week in San Diego.


LIVE performance music tracks here in this positive vibes XCTV video piece showcasing multi talented music, dance, model, actress and Philadelphia PA native Chezale demonstrating her LOVE of her arts in this styling video.

Xcorps TV has always focused toward the positive vibe and continues delivering such to our viewers with this special live video rolling right onstage with Singer/Emcee/Songwriter Chezale aka “LADY MAVERICK” while she hip hops across the catwalk stage at the legendary House Of Blues in San Diego.


Showing off her multi faceted stage training in Tuscon Arizona – Chezale performs her spirited “Mavvin’ is a Habit” – a song promoting individuality and the self spirit with poppin rap lyrics hooking up the HOB audience with the XCAMS rolling right alongside!

The songs credo – Stay Positive – Be a Lone Wolf – Don’t be afraid to be different, embrace who you ARE, be unique, be rebellious, a free thinker and an intellectual!

Chezale IS a Maverick
and she moves to the beat of her own drum!

Xcorps TV presents a special RAW event at the House of Blues San Diego California.


The RAW concept was created by Heidi Luerra in 2003 in Los Angeles. In July 2012, RAW made its first international debut in Australia.


In 2013, RAW opened additional locations in Canada and the UK. RAW is now hosting events and showcasing independent creatives in over 70 cities across the world.


Check out the total creative experience – an indie talent event produced by RAW ventures which provides an alternative platform for visual artists, film makers, fashion designers, musicians, performance artists, hair and makeup artists and photographers to be seen, heard, loved, understood and appreciated!


What would a lifestyle video piece representing Fashion Week in San Diego be without high pumped models strutting the raised walkway so delivered in this XCTV special viewing release. The Xcams roll right on stage following the models down the runway ramp!


The and the sexy roll tight here with multiple runway teams hitting the stage for the enthusiastic camera flashing crowd. Bling models provided by GFASH accessories – Simply fabulous!


Xcorps TV presents a special music lifestyle segment release. It’s all about beautiful models strutting the ramp as well as displays from all genres of artistic directions! It’s also about alternative lifestyles and expressions filling the canvas!
Produced by Xcorps TV.


Special thanks to the House Of Blues San Diego and RAW Heather Ireland along with all the natural born artists and to glam queen designer Gwendolyn Bates at GFASH accessories.
MC Gil Suto introducer.
Thanks to Thomas DeSoto Xcorps TV.


RAW event artists include –
Casandra Richard Acoustic Guitar, singer, Tap Fever (DANCE), Musical Act 2 Chezale R, Carly Topazio
Bandalier band providing drums. Niara.


Athena Matthews, Stephanie Morales, Cherwear Professional Makeup, Galen Gilbert, Athena Matthews,
Stephanie Morales, Cherwear Professional Makeup,
Bethie Miles.


“Blind 2 Nuthin” Honey Peters
Samantha Kerstner
Franzesca Mayer


GFASH Booth-
Rita Ziegler, Dianna Felton, Sylvia Cortez, Alex Bates
Makeup Artist: Emeila Halfmann

GFASH MODELS – Caitlyn Magner, Sara Fornone, Amanda Kitana, Hillegass, Myra Guzman, Kori Danielle, Priscilla Ventura, Caitlyn Magner, Samir Crush.


Stay Tuned for more special reports by Xcorps TV coming soon!



Mavvin Is a Habit

Hip Hop Nation Pullin out Knots

See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
A  J.S. Edmondson Film

1/2016 Release Trt 10:43
©2016 TheXcorps

CHEZALE Matriarch Entertainment


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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents DUNES-2


Xcorps Action Sports #32. DUNES 2 – The Action X team returns to Glamis sand dunes in southern California with X GAMES medalist Rat Sult at the wheel of his custom sand dune rider in this high horse neck jerking motor sports episode powered by great new music from RIVE and SubNoiZe Records.


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #32. DUNES-2 – FULL SHOW Video Click Below

Meeting up with Rat east of San Diego is Eric the X Guru Ducharme and Jason Lazo cruising in the Xcorps mascot car The Unit rolling toward the massive 30 miles long sand dunes area known as Glamis.


The show opens up on a So Cal desert road cruising U.S. 78  due east with host Jason Lazo at the wheel of The Unit the Xcorps project car – a 1971 Pontiac Le Mans Sport looking smooth and sounding bad!


Riding shotgun in The Unit is the X Guru Eric Ducharme.


Rolling up into the Le Mans rear view comes a Chevy truck towing a 500 HP LS2 powered custom sand rod XCORPS TV host Rat Sult along on this trip to guarantee adrenalized fun with his new toy ready to rock at the Glamis dunes!


Yes viewers of this rare XC episode actually see 3 cool and crazy hosts in the same camera shot! Most Xcorps show episodes have the hosts reporting form different locations for their action sports stories.


Show segment one zeros in on the X team with Jason, Rat and Eric strapping on 5 point belts in Rats custom Temecula California Star designed sand vehicle powered by a smooth revving V8 Chevy Corvette LS2 motor.


Viewing action here with POV X cams rolling pumped by music from Cleopatra Records band F5 cranking their song Dissidence. Nice fit!

Great video of the band playing live edited to the fast dune ripping action!


After the break the multi G force high rev action continues with Rats power buggy on steroids at full throttle and getting some airtime off a sand dune…Nice having a 18 inch travel on the suspension.

Keeping up with the action are new tunes from Suburban NoiZe Records hip hop band X Clan representing NYC rolling their song – Americans.


Hang on XC viewers! Classic in car live comments and shots from Jason Lazo rolling B camera during the wild roller coaster ride!


The Xcorps non-stop action and music continues from Glamis with V-8 sand rods throwing tails in the desert dunes and a sick new video from Mega Force Records band Mushroom Head doing their song Simple Survival. Yes – Mushroom Head…just another a normal low key wedding band…No theatrics involved!


Viewers rolling this far into the show now realize this type of off road wilderness adventuring is not for the meek or mild though there are quiet moments with the ride parked amid giant sand dunes…looking out at the soundless sweeping dunes that go on as far as you can see…awe inspiring but make sure your GPS and compass is working!


Great shots here of the vast 25 mile long dunes and the limitless variety of custom crazy sand vehicles rolling the dunes including high performance ATVs custom built vehicles and people dressed in sand gear and looking like a Star Wars set!

Segment 3 kicks into gear hard and fast with paddle tires throwing sand along with new music and video from Cleopatra Records band The Numb Ones performing Everything In Between.


A cool mix in the edit X bay here with sand and band action rolling as one.

Team XC Jason, Rat and Eric bring it on one more time in segment 4 with the LS-2 hot charging the dunes with  some insane POV race footage between Rats ride and a few other sand draggers at full throttle! See who wins it and hold on muchachos!


Core tunes here by Suburban NoiZe band appearing again on XC – Hed Pe rock rapping their song Lock and Load. Another nice fit!


This Xcorps show closes out with another dose of custom off road motor sports action with Xcams rolling this time on some high powered racing with custom ATVs digging sand trenches and throwing massive rooster tails with the band X Clan delivering their song Weapon X.


Sweet side by side action here with riders rocket racing straight up the infamous Glamis Oldsmobile Hill.

Go BIG or Go Home!

Just another day on the Xcorps!


See the Action Hear the Music Join the Xcorps!



First TV airing 11/2006

A J.S.Edmondson Film


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #32. DUNES-2 – FULL SHOW VIDEO Click Below

strong>©2016 TheXcorps

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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 31. THUNDER BOATS – Full Show – This all American Action Sports Music TV episode rolls out fast and cool on the bays and beaches of sunny San Diego Mission Bay Park featuring 200 mph hydroplane thunder boat racing along with a new remote way to surf the waves with the RC Surfer.


Xcorps host Rat Sult opens up the action on Mission Bay at the ABRA World Series of Powerboat Racing with 1700 + HP jet and piston powered H20 rocket boats charging for the finish line in San Diegos premier boat race and the fastest on the planet for this historic piece of Americana power boat racing!

*Watch the FULL XCORPS TV show episode VIDEO here for FREE

Check out the footage caught by the Xcams rolling on the action with classic professional water racing with high horse boats trailing rooster tails the length of an Amtrack train all pumped up by new music and video from Dangerbird Records RIVE promoted band the Silver Sun Pickups introduced here on the Xcorps TV!


Included in this Thunder Boats episode are insanely fast POV speed shots from inside the cockpit of the jet race boats giving the viewer a real look and sound of the rough race ride experienced by half mad drivers which is something akin to a rock skipping across the water!


This is what its like to ride the racing edge where one false race move of sudden gust of wind can spell a watery high speed disaster!


The ever enthusiastic reporter Rat Sult rolls the behind the scenes boat pits taking a look at the 2 basic types of boat motors – jet and piston. Rat talks to some of the contending drivers about the thrills and challenges of piloting these high powered water sleds! They don’t call the sport HYDROPLANE racing for nothing!


Xcorps music here by Maverick Records promoted band Story of the Year with scenes from their new video Take Me Back.
Youth angst and all American motor sports action is the name of the game in this music video!


After that Xcorps host Jason Lazo is on the beach introducing viewers with an XC exclusive on the unique RC SURFER which is a remote controlled mini surf board complete with cool surfer riding the waves at the OB Pier in Ocean Beach California. Way cool dude!


Representing for this cool product Ed Dietrich from RC Surfrider hangs 10 from the beach with this fun new RC item and drops Jason some great stories from around the world RC surfing!


Sweet POV water cam shots of the surfer in action under the infamous OB Pier! Music from Fred Croshal and Downtown Records band the Eagles of Death Metal along with So Cal surf band the Screamin Seamen. Outside man!


This XC show wraps with more high speed Thunder Boat hydroplane race action with the custom high horse water racers ripping the crowd lined Mission Bay race course.


See overall race winner Jean Theoret of Team UA-7 Beacon Plumbing nearly lose control on his boat skipping across the water at over 200 mph and keeping the crowd gasping! It’s all over if you crash at these speeds!


Pushing the action fusion punk rap band Hed p.e. keeps it tight with their new video Get Ready. Back in the pits Rat Sult talks with team Obertos Larry Oberto – yes the jerkey maker – about the race as well as privateer racer U-3 Jimmy King who tells what got him into racing. Check his reason for risking it all.


X Man Rat closes the show out in front of a wrecked and burned hulk of a T race boat with a word of caution and a promise of more action and music on the next episode of XcorpsStay Tuned!


Additional music from Maverick Records band Paul Oakenfold as well The Wreckers featuring Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp.


A J.S.Edmondson Film TrT-22:00

As the saying goes…Go Big Or Go Home!
10/2006 original TV airing
See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps
©2016 TheXcorps



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Eagles of Death Metal Shasta Beast

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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #30. BMX Featuring Rick Thorne at his private Fade To Black Skatepark


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #30. BMX – FULL SHOW


*Watch the FULL XCORPS TV show episode VIDEO here for FREE



The X cams zoom in on southern California in this tag teaming episode with guest hosts Rat Sult and Crystal Aldana hanging with the All Girl Skate Jam at the Vans Warped Tour in San Diego


BMX bike master Rick Thorne hucking major moves at his private park in east LA…

…and Jason Lazo checking out the opening of the worlds largest skate park – Vans indoor skate park – in Orange California.


This charging XC show opens up in gear with guest host and BMX legend Rick Thorne at his custom BMX park built in his backyard in east LA.

See what the Man in Black as Rick is known says about the sport of BMX biking and check his action moves backed by new tunes and video from Suburban Noize band Mower cranking their song Road Rage. No worries…Knowbody really died in the making of the video!


After that Crystal and Rat roll the Vans Warped Tour and report on the skate action at the All Girl Skate Jam produced by Patty Segovia.

See what’s happening at the custom all aluminum ramp painted by the folks at Lost…Cool.


Rat interviews chick skaters Apryl Woodcock and Mandy Esch on what’s going down. Great shots of them and other girls pulling moves.

After the break the action and music continue with another SubNoiZe band the KottonMouth Kings performing their new video Move cut to more freestyle BMX action featuring Rick Thorne. Nice fit.


At the WARPED TOUR Rat interviews Rick for the details behind the freestyle zone he calls Fade to Black named after the iconic Metallica song.

Check out some training BMX flights with cool foam pit landings by rider Sean Stack here also backed by tunage from Maverick Records artist – Cookie – doing Hot Night.


In the next segment Rat and Crystal thro it to host Jason Lazo who is at the grand opening of the super sized Vans skate park called The Block located in Orange California. Check out the Xcam footage of this place which at 46,000 sq. feet makes it one of the largest skate parks on the planet!

Xcorps X cams rolled the action on the street course complete with ramps, rails, banks and pyramids.


Killer shots at the 80 foot vert ramp as well as pros rolling the Combi Pool built from the original Upland California skate pool plans. Sweet!

Jason Lazo talks to combi pool legend SalbaSteve Alba on what he thinks of the new park layout. See what he thinks of the place.


For music in this XC segment Mower cranks the tunes with a scortching remake of California Dreamin rocking the skate action!

Additional music and video from RIVE promoted Selectric Records band – Cross Culture – jamming their song- Swing.


After the break the cameras are back at the Vans Warped Tour zooming in on Rat Sult hanging at the AGSJ booth with the cool girls from team Metro Mint.

Rat Sult talks to AGSJ founder Patty Segovia about the event and all girl skate team.


This X show closes out bouncing with the KMK band and more sick BMX action from Rick Thorne at his personal back yard Fade to Black skate park along with some sound advise from the Man in Black – Do something POSITIVE with your LIFE! Looks can be deceiving – don’t judge a book and all that!…!


Additional music from Ozomatli doing the song Cut Chemist Suite. Keep it moving!

A J.S.Edmondson Film 9/2006 TrT-22:00


©2016 TheXcorps
See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!



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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents LED SKATE with Chef Sean And Blaze

Xcorps TV X PRESS – Tuesday January 5, 2015 Encinitas Ca USA – New Xcorps Music VIDEO Release.


New Xcorps Action Sports Music TV special film release featuring RIVE promoted RobStar label LA based musical Hip Hop artist Chef Sean and Blaze doing “Stash In The Hoopty”.


Xcorps TV Presents LED SKATE with Chef Sean And Blaze

Check out this charging rap ballad edited with wild LED SKATE BOARD ACTION video footage from Xcorps TV shot in San Diego California.

Stay Tuned for additional Xcorps TV special musical releases with artists from RIVE. Check your local TV listings for XCTV airtimes or click and play on the web.


A J.S.Edmondson FilM Release






Xcorps TV Presents LED SKATE with Chef Sean And Blaze

Chef Sean and Blaze – “Stash In The Hoopty”

See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!



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