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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #34. TOTAL COMBAT – Produced with Total Combat Entertainment this Xcorps episode swings punches and kicks its way across the screen with host Jason Lazo introducing viewers to nonstop MMA – mixed martial arts fight action!


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #34. TOTAL COMBAT – FULL SHOW Video Click Below

Taking place in an ‘Octagon’ ring located at the San Diego Sports Arena these MMA fights are some of the first to come to San Diego introduced by Total Combat Promotions creator Diana Ocampo – one of the few female fight promoters out there!


Check out the brute sporte action backed by pounding new music from Suburban Noize Records along with new videos from RIVE promotions.


XCTV Jason Lazo talks to fight promoter Diana Ocampo about the rules of conduct in the newly sanctioned fights where just about anything goes and the action gets brutal!


Sexy pedestal dance moves by the talented combat dolls backing the action with DRT Entertainment band SOIL performing their song ‘Give It Up’ in a music video featuring a cool chick dude fight ! See who knocks the other COLD!

SOIL – Give It Up

The MMA heavy weights bring it on in the 200 pound category with Griggs VS Mejia slugging it out in the octagon ring taking care of business in a non stop round.


A lot can be said for Marine training with Griggs opening up in this punch fest with his big guns! The fight goes to the mat where kicking, kneeing and elbowing are all AOK in MMA and in this ring where it takes a lot of blood to get a ref to stop the battle!


Suburban Noize band Mower cranks out their song ‘General Admission’ for another good fit with the action!

MOWER – General Admission

Classic Mohawk cut atop fight announcer Manny Hernandez as he opens up XCTV show segment 3 with DRT Entertainment and RIVE promoted band 36 Crazyfists and their new “I’ll Go Until My Heart Stops” music video.


Big Dudes Wadd and Robert are unleashed to slug it out slow motion style in this match up. More sweet pedestal moves by the seXy Combat Dolls on the Xcorps split screen. One round and its over…the horror!

36 CRAZYFISTS – I’ll Go Until My Heart Stops

The X Cams roll on the next XCTV segment where it’s almost a mismatch with pro Asian kick boxer Tobylmada vs Brando unleashing war upon themselves. Lots of fast and furious foot action here but its elbows and a few knees to the face that ends one fighters dreams of victory…Stay Tuned!


Xcorps host ‘Nacho Libre Lazo’ returns on camera reporting on the MMA action continuing into another brawl with the well muscled Garijo vs Abrams stepping into the ring.


Sub NoiZe and regular XCTV band Mower keeps it light and fresh with their tune ‘Zone’. In this fight someone must have called their mamma a bad name! Round one skips the intros and gets non stop down and dirty! To make the point that violence IS BAD the editors slow mowed the action here for full effect! Nice match-up. Give both duelers a prize and send them on vacation!


The next segment of this eXtreme type show opens with Jason Lazo and the Combat Dolls doing a fun Xcorps greet followed by fighters Gugherty and Radanzzo stepping up into the octagon.


Nice music fit from SubNoize again this time with the band Humble Gods doing their anthem song ‘Destroy’. It’s all over in one round and victory goes to the meanest, the baddest and the best trained.

MOWER – Zone

Humble Gods

Great moves from both fighters but San Diego home boy Shannon Gugherty takes the belt. Jason talks with the winner outside the ring about how it feels to survive an MMA win and what inspired his victory moves.


After that So Cal urban rap band Visionaries show their skills and new music video called ‘In The Good’ presented by Rive MV promotions. Great angle here on the LA San Diego scene with a band that IS all about good.

This XCTV show closes out with a few more brutal brawls and a new music duo from Georgia called Jucifer doing ‘Pontius Of Palia’ – WoW!



Special thanks to Diana Ocampo and to all who brought Total Combat and the MMA to The Xcorps!

Peace Love Total Combat! 1/2007 Release

A J.S.Edmondson Film Trt-22:00

©2016 TheXcorps




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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents FIRE STAFF

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents FIRE STAFF




Xcorps TV FIRE STAFF Video Click Below


Xcorps TV Presents Shagun Pradhan FIRE STAFF
Music from RIVE promotions – RALANA – “Money Talks“.

XCTV covers many events and people in the world of Action Sports and Music and this special NEW video presentation features a young college graduate from Illinois –  a master Fire Staff Dancer who recently rode his bicycle across the USA to help the recent earthquake victims in Nepal.


The visual and very physical art of FIRE DANCING or FIRE STAFF movement is ancient and worldwide from the Aztecs dedicating their fire performances to Xiuhtecuhtli their God of Fire to the Bali ‘Angel Dance’ to the Siddha Jats of India’s Thar Desert, fire dancing rituals are common and…cool!
In this video the Xcorps TV cameras catch a modern RAVE style version of fire dancing melding old and new forms of the art into a unique flaming action routine involving a metal staff with prong wicks soaked in camper fuel to light things up!


Music carrying the action in this piece provided by Swedish born EDM artist and current resident of DubaiRALANA – performing her song ‘Money Talks’ from the same album under her Xlency Records label and promoted by RIVE.

Arty Skye of NYC Skyelab Productions wrote and produced the album and is known for his work with prominent artists such as Madonna, Will Smith, Pink, Alicia Keys, and more.
International Love is Ralana’s motto as she works for the peace and love in the world between via her music. She states “I love music, my love started as a kid and I will make music as long as its possible, music is my endless love.”



XCTV based in Encinitas California was recently shooting the surf and sunset at the local SWAMIS beach when happening upon the fire spinning talents of Shagun Kumar Pradhan.

J. S. Edmondson executive producer of XCTV rolls video asking “Shaggy” about his focused cross country bike trip and on the fire staff he uses.
Never know who you’ll meet on the beach in Encinitas on southern California Highway 101!
Check out the flowing flame trailing action as Shaggy goes through his routine which resembles a martial artists mixed with his Yoga moves accented by 10 flame trails spinning mesmerizingly around him from a fire staff he had custom made in Hungary!


On the beach at SWAMIS the Shaggy fire man, who was born in Urbana Illinois with much of his family from Nepal,  talks to Xcorps TV about the ZONE he gets in while doing his fire staff moves and his mentor – Mihaly Csikszentmihaly – a positive psychologist who asked – What makes life worth living?…postulating that activities such as Art, Work and Play create a state of FLOW that is an ultra state of being.
Fire dance arts are an example of a state of FLOW or the ZONE as experienced by sports athletes at peak levels of their game.


Shagun’s bicycle journey will take him from the west coast of the USA twhere he will fly to Nepal where he will literally out step the corrupted government earthquake relief efforts there toward the victims – by personally handing out to the local people – over $2000. in American CASH he raised on his goFundMe social media page!
You never know who you will meet on the beach in Encinitas!


Thanks to RIVE promotions and Ralana and to Thomas DeSoto in this video production.
Special thanks to Shagun Kumar Pradhan and much luck on his fire lit journeys!

A JSE FiLm Xcorps TV
Trt-9:11 2/2016 release

See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps! ©2016 TheXcorps


Xcorps Action Sports Music Television
Encinitas, California 92024
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Xcorps TV FIRE STAFF Video Click Below

See the Action Hear the Music Join the Xcorps!
©2016 TheXcorps


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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents 41st Annual Antique Drags at Barona Drag Strip




Xcorps Action Sports Music TV SWEETRIDES SHOW Video Click Below

Gas up your custom all American hot rod and strap in tight for this Xcorps SweetRides special presentation featuring wild drag racing and neck jerking custom race vehicles at a gig called the Antique Drags flooring it at the Barona 1/8th mile racetrack in Lakeside California.


This popular southern California biannual drag race event at the scenic track east of San Diego features cars of all types 1975 and older from T-Buckets and Rat Rods to nitro burning mega horse track humping dragsters all gunning for the finish track line!
Xcorps TV on camera host reporters Scott Sommers and Tina Walsh cover the rubber grabbing action out at the sticky track in this new Xcorps motor sports video release taking place at Barona – a super scenic remote location!


Check out the green light pedal to the floor in your face action shot from multiple cameras set all around the track and in the race cars as they punch and burn their way home to a timed finish over in just seconds!
Rolling the pits new Bandit X Girl Tina Walsh turns some heads while checking out a sweet purple 1957 drag ‘Caddy’ owned by driver Chris Kurz.


Have a look at what he says about his ride and check out his fully floored runs down the sticky track!
Mixing with all the action and adding to the horsepower are great new tunes from legendary alternative German rock band Guano Apes rolling out their fast moving song ‘All I Want To Do’.

The X ACTION cameras are on the drag track with the race vehicles focusing on Bob Lubke‘s beautifully restored and now re-powered – 1934 Ford coupe ripping a nice straight line down the jet black track!

Have a look at the wild follow cam POV shots of this sweet ride right down the raceway! This special XCTV also shows who owns and drives the custom vehicles at the race track that requires your car, a helmet and a $35. dollar fee to get in the lineup!


Xcorps host reporter Scott Sommers talks to ‘OUTLAW’ degassed ’63 Vette owner Woody Wood about details on his classic ride powered by a unique and beefy marine motor by builder Pete Cogswell in San Diego. Check out a few race runs of the OUTLAW and how long Woody’s been dragging his ride and what kind of gasoline he burns to go that FAST!


It’s all day drag racing at the Barona Track in Lakeside California with a non stop mix of classic, custom and super resto-mod horsepower lining up side by side to rip the track! For jamming tunes San Diego band FANG unleashes their song ‘Side Winder’ !
For some BIG action visuals after the rubber burn out smoke clears is one of the real monsters of the day – Keith Wilsons fuel altered mid engine dragger called KAOS!


Stay Tuned… this monster of a 4 wheeled power sled KAOS starts and idles up with a deafening explosive rumble – scaring ALL children on then the green green light launching with an exploding flanging roar that echoes over the local hills setting off cars alarms throughout the track parking lot!…Nice JobJoin our XCTV team anytime Keith!


The track race action TV segment wraps with a very nice drag run by Barona Track owner Don Julian coaxing his 1971 Chevy Vega to 107mph in the 1/8th mile…eeeehaaa!

Xcorps just loves the sweet smell of nitro methane in the morning!
Thanks to So Cal Paint Works and the Barona Drag strip in making this video production.

Hosted by Scott Sommers and Tina Walsh.
A JSE Film TRT-11:20
JOIN The Xcorps!



Xcorps Action Sports Music TV SWEETRIDES SHOW Video Click Below

See The Action Hear The Music Join The X Corps!

©2016 TheXcorps


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Xcorps TV Presents WAKE-3



Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #33. WAKE 3 – Full Show –


Xcorps TV and team up to bring the audience this fast moving H2O action filled episode shot in sunny southern California featuring the hosting and reporting talents of the fun loving Crystal Fambrini riding in the team Obrien wake boat in this wake boarding show!


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #33. WAKE-3 – FULL SHOW Video Click Below

Bringing action to the scene with their extreme wakeboarding moves are world pro’s Jimmy Wolf, Sean Obrien and Mike Schwenne ripping big on super scenic and secluded Lake San Vicente located in Lakeside California east of San Diego.


Shot in HD and swathed in California sunshine this XC show is one big AIR move after another as Crystal coaxes the riders on for more than average wake boarding action! Yea Crystal!

Hard corps music videos from RIVE promotions are included featuring European bands SIKTH, DEMONS and WIZARDS along with the fresh and smooth American band introduced on a previous episode of The Xcorps – the SILVERSUN PICKUPS.


Additional music and video from the RIVE promoted bands REVELATION THEORY,  A CHANGE OF PACE and WHOLE WHEAT BREAD back the wake slapping aerobatic action!

Only on Xcorps TV do you see action sports edited into new tech music videos!


XCTV show segments one and two take off fast and hard pumped by notes from the Euro band Demons and Wizards followed with the colorfully creative original sound from U.S. band – Silversun Pickups along with their psychedelically colorful cutout LIVE performance video!


Wake riders Wolf and Obrien show off their respective styles popping BIG with multiple extended air moves slowed down in the XC edit bay for full move appreciating effect!


Not many water wipe outs on this XC shoot folks but we did include a few just to show the world that pulling off these moves is not all that easy!

X viewers who are scream metal Miles Davis fusion rock fans will dig the Euro band SIKTH unleashing their vexed angst filled video and song ‘Bland Street Bloom‘.


Sik wake action continues right alongside the music without all the voice over pablum!

After the break the Wakeworld action returns to the viewer along with the hard rock beat from Andover Massachusetts band Revelation Theory cranking their song “Slow Burn‘.


Hard charging wake board action here from ‘Cali’ golden boy Mike Schwenne rolling out his smooth solid style.

Next the journalistically talented and beautifully fun XC host Crystal Fambrini talks with THE major online wakeboard site founder Dave Williams about

Wakeboarding as a sport is a more eXtreme niche offshoot of water skiing with roots in southern California.


The next Xcorps TV show segment changes up the tunes with a little pop rock from the band A Change of Pace rolling along with Johnny Porter ‘Tube-Cam’ video shots behind the boat of Sean Obrien and his TALL wake moves…Nice!
It’s all about great shots and great music here on the Xcorps!


The last part of this XC show opens with a hilarious and very ‘spirited’ drinking song from way down under by the band Whole Wheat Bread performing their tune ‘Old Man Sampson‘ live at the BBQ Bar in Orlando Florida!


Crystal Fambrini talks it up with wake rider Mike Schwenne about his wake gear and what BAD things can happen if your bindings are loose!


The show wraps with a XC ‘Coming Soon‘ look at what to expect on an upcoming Truck Racing episode of The Xcorps – Championship Off Road Racing – Baja destruction style!

Special Thanks RIVE music promotions and to Dave Williams at Wakeworld along with  Team Obrien.



A J.S.Edmondson Film
Released for original TV airing 12/2006


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #33. WAKE-3 – FULL SHOW Video Click Below

See the Action Hear the Music Join the Xcorps!
©2016 TheXcorps Trt.22:00


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JSE/XCTV *Xcorps TV Production Tip #33. – Please DO IT!


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