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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents FIRE STAFF

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents FIRE STAFF




Xcorps TV FIRE STAFF Video Click Below


Xcorps TV Presents Shagun Pradhan FIRE STAFF
Music from RIVE promotions – RALANA – “Money Talks“.

XCTV covers many events and people in the world of Action Sports and Music and this special NEW video presentation features a young college graduate from Illinois –  a master Fire Staff Dancer who recently rode his bicycle across the USA to help the recent earthquake victims in Nepal.


The visual and very physical art of FIRE DANCING or FIRE STAFF movement is ancient and worldwide from the Aztecs dedicating their fire performances to Xiuhtecuhtli their God of Fire to the Bali ‘Angel Dance’ to the Siddha Jats of India’s Thar Desert, fire dancing rituals are common and…cool!
In this video the Xcorps TV cameras catch a modern RAVE style version of fire dancing melding old and new forms of the art into a unique flaming action routine involving a metal staff with prong wicks soaked in camper fuel to light things up!


Music carrying the action in this piece provided by Swedish born EDM artist and current resident of DubaiRALANA – performing her song ‘Money Talks’ from the same album under her Xlency Records label and promoted by RIVE.

Arty Skye of NYC Skyelab Productions wrote and produced the album and is known for his work with prominent artists such as Madonna, Will Smith, Pink, Alicia Keys, and more.
International Love is Ralana’s motto as she works for the peace and love in the world between via her music. She states “I love music, my love started as a kid and I will make music as long as its possible, music is my endless love.”



XCTV based in Encinitas California was recently shooting the surf and sunset at the local SWAMIS beach when happening upon the fire spinning talents of Shagun Kumar Pradhan.

J. S. Edmondson executive producer of XCTV rolls video asking “Shaggy” about his focused cross country bike trip and on the fire staff he uses.
Never know who you’ll meet on the beach in Encinitas on southern California Highway 101!
Check out the flowing flame trailing action as Shaggy goes through his routine which resembles a martial artists mixed with his Yoga moves accented by 10 flame trails spinning mesmerizingly around him from a fire staff he had custom made in Hungary!


On the beach at SWAMIS the Shaggy fire man, who was born in Urbana Illinois with much of his family from Nepal,  talks to Xcorps TV about the ZONE he gets in while doing his fire staff moves and his mentor – Mihaly Csikszentmihaly – a positive psychologist who asked – What makes life worth living?…postulating that activities such as Art, Work and Play create a state of FLOW that is an ultra state of being.
Fire dance arts are an example of a state of FLOW or the ZONE as experienced by sports athletes at peak levels of their game.


Shagun’s bicycle journey will take him from the west coast of the USA twhere he will fly to Nepal where he will literally out step the corrupted government earthquake relief efforts there toward the victims – by personally handing out to the local people – over $2000. in American CASH he raised on his goFundMe social media page!
You never know who you will meet on the beach in Encinitas!


Thanks to RIVE promotions and Ralana and to Thomas DeSoto in this video production.
Special thanks to Shagun Kumar Pradhan and much luck on his fire lit journeys!

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Trt-9:11 2/2016 release

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Xcorps TV FIRE STAFF Video Click Below

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