Xcorps TV STOCK Video Clips

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV STOCK Video Clips

Now Available for VIEWING!

Xcorps TV STOCK VIDEO clips


MOST of the VIDEO FOOTAGE Xcorps TV shoots never makes it on the show for broadcast TV…There just isn’t enough time in a half hour show to do it…so our viewing audience never gets to see a LOT – that gets SHOT…until now!

© Stu Edmondson

Now YOU can SEE all the GREAT location shoot OUT TAKES and COOL location VIDEO CLIPS as well as video from OUT THERE locations – Deserts to Mountains to Oceans!!

Xcorps TV STOCK VIDEO clips

J.S.Edmondson FiLms and Xcorps Action Sports Music TV productions now has available online  MINI-VIDEO CLIPS from eXotic locations of the Xcorps TV series!

Check out these COOL CLIPS...They are FREE to look at and for a small fee you can even use them in your own TV productions!

Go BIG or GO HOME…Enjoy!


Creator Xcorps TV

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