JSE Photographics 2019 SCENICS

JSE Photographics 2019 Outdoor Super SCENICS

San Elijo Lagoon Cardiff California Abstracts 


Joshua Tree Desert Scene – Joshua Tree National Park California
©2016 J.S.Edmondson

SWAMIS Pacific Galactic Sunset – Encinitas California ©2017 J.S.Edmondson


Grand Targhee – Driggs Idaho ©2016 J.S.Edmondson


The Botanical Cat – Providence Rhode Island ©2016 J.S.Edmondson

Xcorps TV Presents Mission Bay Park San Diego California – VIDEO POSTERS SCENICS

Point SWAMIS Sunset Posters November 8th Sunlight Encinitas California

Watch the VIDEO HERE: Point SWAMIS Music by David Luning

Xcorps Action Sports TV SWAMIS Sunset Recon December 26, 2018 BEACH PRESS Photos So Cal KING TIDE Low Tide

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV is located in Encinitas California. Mondo Sunset and the Melted Rocks of SWAMIS Beach.

©2018TheXcorps J.S.Edmondson

March 13, 2019 PRESS Poster Photo GIF – MoonLight Beach Winter Sunset – 10 Million Years BC!

April 7, BEACONS Encinitas  California Poster Photo GIF – Low Tide Ocean Wave Sculpturing

May 7, 2019 MoonLight Beach Encinitas California – Low Tide Sunset Abstracts Photo GIF

Moonlight Beach Encinitas California May 7, 2019

Moonlight Beach Jan 12, 2019 – Soap Bubble artist Alan Kier demonstrating his AIR ART skills.

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV is located at Moonlight Beach Encinitas California.

Xcorps TV Sunset Film Recon East County San Diego December 12, 2018 Santa Ysabel California. PRESS PHOTOS

XCTV presents scenes from East San Diego in the Santa Ysabel Mountains toward Julian in the magical oak tree covered hills around Santa Ysabel California.

Xcorps TV Sunset RECON – East County San Diego

©2018TheXcorps J.S.Edmondson

Xcorps Coastal Recon – Palm Flavored Sunset MoonLight Beach Encinitas California – June 18, 2019 PRESS Poster GIF

MoonLight Beach Sunset Surf Recon

MoonLight Beach Sunset Surf Recon

First Sweet Sunset after a stretch of June Gloomerama!

Xcorps TV Presents scenes along the Southern California coast with a sunset at Moonlight Beach Encinitas California.

Palms over the Main Lifeguard Station Encinitas.

Below – Coastal Recon Poster Photo BEACONS Sept.6, 2019

Above: XC Coastal Recon Beacons Beach Encinitas California Sept.6, 2019

Xcorps Coastal Recon – Abstracts from the Beach!

Moonlight Beach Oct.11, 2019

©2019TheXcorps A JSE Photo FiLm


SWAMIS “Thorn Apple and Palm Tree Sunset”

SWAMIS Castor Bean and Palm Tree Sunset

Castor Bean plants also known as the “Thorn Apples” are silhouetted with their seed pods against a sunset over SWAMIS spiritual retreat located in Encinitas California 9/9/2017.

The plant which grows as an annual shrub in frost areas and year round and treelike in most tropical areas is poisonous containing the compound RICIN! Though the castor oil derived from the colorful bean like seeds was widely burned as lamp oil  and used as a world health medicine after the poisonous ricin was removed during the distillation process.

This is one of the fastest growing tropical heat loving giant annuals in the garden rivaled only by the giant sunflower. It can be grown in most parts of the USA as a nice addition to a garden collection.



Mammoth Sunflowers Encinitas Ca Sept.9, 2017

Stay tuned for shots of this years SUNFLOWER CROP coming in for a LATE SEASON in San Diego!

Xcorps Inland Recon – Lake Wohlford California June 11, 2019

©2019 J.S.Edmondson Photographics

Bill Hambor and Stuart Edmondson Bell Mountain Little Lost River Valley Idaho

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