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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 50. X DRAGS



Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #50. X DRAGS – FULL SHOW


The XCTV show host reporter talent team of Jason Lazo and Scott Sommers cover the action here along with special guest host the delightfully spicy Lilli Garcia who joins The Xcorps in this rocking wide open Drag X custom auto racing show shot at the Barona Drag strip in Lakeside California.


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #50. X DRAGS – FULL SHOW


This motorsports flavored Xcorps program opens up with a sweeping scenic X CAM RC drone chopper shot c/o Flying Eye Photo high above the ink black surface of the 1/8th mile Barona drag strip located in the high hills east of San Diego in Lakeside California.

The setup at the Barona Drags is simple and easy – two cars line up side by side and on the green light they punch it to the floor with the fastest car time winning!


If you or your mother has a car with a seat belt and a helmet you can pay a small fee and roll your street rod right up to the starting line with no telling who your car will be lined up revving your engine with! and punch it at the green light!

The Barona drag track race is set up for your own class timing so who wins is not at stake but it is fun to get a start lineup with a VW bug nosed up with a top fuel dragger and any other wild truck/car/ custom race matches going non-stop all afternoon! The smoke and noise are classic music to a motor sports tuned ear and Barona is a classic SO CAL track with Xcorps TV there covering the action on camera!


Check out the marine engine pump gasser Vette running against the sleeper rocket sled Pinto BOTH cars being very LOUD and multi G FAST!

See who wins! Interviews with the vehicle drivers by Scott Sommers and Jason Lazo.

Plenty of action right from the start with old Rat Rods racing new GTOs and pretty much anything goes here on the secluded back hills of San Diego drag track! Pumping tunes here to match the action from Sub Noize label band Kottonmouth Kings performing “Rampage”!


Next on this Xcorps episode you can smell the nitro fuel and rubber burn with host Jason Lazo hanging trackside as the drag lineup continues. Sorry folks though electric races will rule someday soon there are NO green eco friendly rides rolling here, just classic gas chuggin’ USA muscle cars hooking it up on the sticky rubberized Barona track.


It’s flat out X Dragging action here with many of the cars easily topping 100 mph in 8th of mile distance! Side by side race lineups that include Vette vs. Nova, Plymouth vs. Buick, Dodge vs. Chevy all charging loud and proud down the track edited with a new RIVE promoted music video from the band Signs of Betrayal performing their song ‘Catatonic’.


Xcorps TV show segment three opens up with more ear popping RPMs and Jason having fun with Xcorps guest host Lilli Garcia trackside at Barona talking about what she thinks of the drag track! Very intense – sums up her response – she loves it!


For action check out the Challenger vs. Camaro motor duel complete with in car POV speed cam for a look down the track from the drivers seat! Jason walks the lineup checking out the custom rides and throws it to Scott Sommers who talks to owner builder Jerry Peripoli the driver and builder of a 2000 HP alcohol injected Ford Courier pickup truck poweredby a 572 CI Merlin with Pontiac Super Duty Heads! Nice HP to weight ratio here – a wild ride the snake ride and crowd pleaser!


After the break the action and music continues with a cool video from another RIVE promoted band Junkyard Prophet rolling their tune –‘Betta Beware’ – cut with drag action that includes a 67 Mustang vs. a 70 Buick Skylark racing straight at the Xcorps cameras!


Next Jason Lazo talks with female driver Nicole Starling of team Hodges who warms up her 1967 Chevy II for her run. See what she says just before her almost fateful 2 wheel rim run down the track all caught on Xcorps Destructor Vision HD cameras! Eeeman yes we do slo-mo this action for our viewers!


Jason catches up and talks with track co owner and driver Don Julian who says how easy it is for just about anyone to race their own car on the drag track and remember it’s always safety first!


Show segment five throttles the power band back up at the Barona drag track with mid-engine drag cars firing up the spectators and more great chopper cam shots above the track. Scott Sommers talks with the other co-owner of the track Rick Reynolds about his 1971 black Ford Pinto – a 1035 HP tube frame sleeper and NIGHTMARE to any car that dares race it!


Check out some of the ground thumping neck jerking passes we caught on camera juiced up by a new tune from punk band Authority Zero!

Additional style music from Hed Pe and FANG.


Special Thanks to So.Cal Paintworks and the Barona Drag track for production assistance on this show. Just another day behind the wheel on The Xcorps!



SHOW VIDEO – CLICK BELOW – Action Sports Music TV #50 X DRAGS – Watch FULL SHOW

Drag Baby Drag! 6-2010 first airing.


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