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New Xcorps Music Video Release CATALI

Check out this Cool Cartoonicon Animated AI Icon representing RIVE musical artist CATALI performing her song “Give Me Madness” flying HIGH above the waves at SWAMIS beach during a Super Scenic Sunset in Encinitas California.

Watch Video Below:
New Xcorps Music Video Release CATALI

VIDEO Trt:4:30

New Xcorps Music Video Release CATALI

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents the XC Coastal Recon with sunset beach scenes along the So Cal coastline and 21 year old American vocalist Catali represented here by her cute as she is sexy AI animation singing her exclusive debut single release “Damelo”!

Stay Tuned for this NEW Xcorps Music TV video release from RIVE promoted musical artist CATALI:

Embodying the classic break-up to make-up scenario, Catali is an exclusive debut-single from the future-release of her themed indie EP Titled

‘The Phoenix’.

The 21 year old American recording artist CATALI is only just getting started combining her Southern and Dominican roots with a sexy R&B style and some Latin flair in this HOT beach sunset number called “Dámelo” also known as “Give Me Madness”!

Stay Tuned!

VIDEO Trt:4:30

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Xcorps X PRESS – March 29, 2019 Del Mar California USA PRESS – NEW Video Release – “ORN EXPO” Del Mar part 1.

XCTV cameras rolled with the Action at the Off Road Nights EXPO held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds San Diego March 23rd.


Xcorps host and producer Rat Sult was at the wheel of the massively awesome off road motorsports lifestyle festival held March 23 at the famous race track location in Del Mar just north of San Diego California.