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Xcorps TV Presents EAR Band LIVE

Xcorps Music TV Presents Egyptian Acid Rock LIVE Black Plague Brewing – part 1

Egyptian Acid Rock LIVE at Black Plague Brewing

Xcorps TV Presents EAR Live at Black Plague Brewing Aug. 4, 2017


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Check out the eXciting High Energy Funky Fusion created by the duo team of drummer Marco Wood and a base guitar player Chris Swan of the local San Diego band Egyptian Acid Rock performing live onstage in Oceanside California at Black Plague Brewing – a new addition to the lineup of north county San Diego taprooms!

Warning…Recovery period and recharge required after viewing!

Band Members include:

Chris Swann

Marco Wood

Stay Tuned for additional video music releases from the local music stage in Oceanside at Black Plague Brewery!

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