Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #43. MUSCLE CAR

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This episode of Xcorps TV has exhaust headers rumbling loud and proud with wheels spinning and rubber burning!

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 43. MUSCLE CAR – Southern California without doubt is the car capital of the world when it comes to the variety of street driven classic American muscle cars rolling in the sun!


This episode of Xcorps TV has rubber burning and exhaust headers rumbling loud and proud with wheels spinning on Chevy, Pontiac, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, AMC, Plymouth and other classic cars from 1968 – 1972 for a full on pedal to the floor ear blasting classic muscle car race around U.S. Navy airbase runway.XcorpsSHOWvideoBELOW3

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #43. MUSCLE CAR – FULL SHOW Video – Click Below


This XCTV episode features quarter mile drag racing from the now historic Carlsbad Drags and the Good Guys Car show in Del Mar California This Xcorps Action Sports Music TV series episode features show series mascot car – a 1971 Pontiac LeMans Sport nicknamed ‘THE UNIT’ – a modified GM vehicle that has cruised all the major roads of the Western USA and at 300,000 miles this is no trailer queen but a true road tour vehicle!


‘The Unit’ can go fast and the big block Pontiac loves high octane by the gallon and …it’s a lot fun to drive on the open road! Lots of nice early 70’s rides in this show with high powered vehicles racing against each other on a improvised San Diego track – an airport runway speed track provided by the U.S. Navy at an event called the Coronado Speedfest!


Along with the action there is plenty of great music keeping things moving with high impact POV shots from around and directly over the race track featuring hundreds of classic cars racing in the bright clear California sunshine! Thank you U.S. Navy!


Jason Lazo hosts this classic motorsports Xcorps show featuring the southern California motor sports life style! Jason is at the wheel of ‘The Unit’ traveling from the Escondido California Car Cruise – largest in the USA – to the Carlsbad Drags located near the coast!


Also in this XC show guest host and Bandit X ’79 Trans Am car owner Scott Sommers reports from the Coronado Speedfest in San Diego. Scott cheks out the action and talks to Speedfest competitor Tom Malloy driving #18 in the foreign class – a 1957 Lister Jaguar.  See this unique car and how it feels to be racing around the track via a POV Xcam mounted behind the driver!


Also included in this high powered show is a behind the scenes look at the Xcorps TV touring ride a 1971 Pontiac Le Mans/GTO aka The Unit getting a makeover upgrade of new paint, engine out with full rebuild and parts like GTO D port Edelbrock aluminum heads!


New bronze paint and full street performance additions seen here and because of its age there are no California state restrictions on modifications or power robbing smog equipment – it’s a ’71!  Got to like the Edelbrock aluminum heads and a Holley double pumper carb combo! Perfect for cruising down So Cal coast highway 101!


Great new music in this driving show from Suburban Noize Records bands D.I., Hed Pe and Dirtball along with RIVE music promotions band Sound and Fury doing their teen anthem tune “18”.


Xcorps TV special introduction of Danish metal band VOLBEAT to our viewers!


Silver Skull rings worn by Jason Lazo in this show by Encinitas artist Tony Creed whose creations are also worn prominently by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones!


See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!




Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #43. MUSCLE CAR – FULL SHOW Video – Click Below


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