Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #60. AIRSTYLE

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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #60. AIRSTYLE


Xcorps TV heads to LA with show host Rat Sult leading this insane winter sports ACTION MUSIC show featuring the North America premier of Shaun White’s Air & Style mega enormous snowboarding, ski and music event!



Olympic snowboard and ski champions are filmed and featured here launching off a 16 story high snow ramp and more than a dozen major bands performing on 2 stages! Check out the Air and Style scene with over 40,000 spectators attending the 2 day event.

Xcorps reporter Rat Sult opens up this MEGA X show from the world famous ROSE Bowl in Pasadena California where the Air and Style weekend event took off February 21/22 2015.

Shaun White made it his mission to bring the extreme Winter X festival, which originated in Innsbruck, Austria and includes a 160 foot high, 450 foot long ramp leading to a 70 foot high kicker ramp!   Now Shaun has brought Air & Style to LA along with his own passion for the mountain slopes which have brought him his fame and fortune!

Watch as Mr. Rat rolls the festival Rose Bowl grounds checking out the wide mix of people and into the PRESS zones at the bottom of the mega snow ramp with the XCORPS cameras rolling on the sick BIG AIR Action! Included here is historic video of 18 year old Japanese boarder Yuki Kadono the first ever in competition hucking a ‘Switchback Backside Tripplecork 1620 Mellon”…Insane…way to go Yuki Man!

For music rolling right alongside the action here is a new female RIVE promoted electro dance duo named STASH doing their number ‘Tear Me Down’… LA cool yup! Part of Xcorps TV’s mission is presenting what’s new and musicality upbeat out there and Steph Post and Amanda Maze of STASH fit the bill and we hope our viewers will agree they are a great fit with the BIG AIR action at AIRSTYLE!

Segment 2 on this Xcorps episode rolls more WORLD CLASS board and ski ACTION straight at the viewer along with new WORLD MUSIC from RIVE with TOP Russian electro POP star ALINA ARTTS performing to her song “High Enough”. Nice fit to the AIRBORNE action oh yea! Thank You for Joining the XCORPS Alina! Alina is a TOP model in Russia and sang at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. We will see you again girl!  Stay Tuned for more from this performer!

Segment 3 on the XCORPS gets hardcore as usual with some of the gnarliest big air winter board moves available filmed for our XC viewers pleasure matched with some music from RIVE promoted band BODYCOUNT featuring ICE T’s rap bend on the song “Institutionalized” – the original 1983 release by thrasher band Suicidal Tendencies!

This time the song is more ICE-T projecting harsh annoyances toward social media! Hillarity prevails! Someone tell IT

Segment 4 follow charging hard off the screen with more BIG AIR snow board action off Shaun White’s 16 story drop ramp and more new music from RIVE band Epoch Failure doing their song “Champion”…nice fit ‘Rocky’ style! Thanks “Billy The Kid” and Nickey Knoxx” for being on Xcorps!

Shaun the Man drops some words for the Xcorps audience and Rat Sult at the bottom talking to overall event race winner Stale Sandbech from Norway.

Segment 5 wraps a wild XCTV show episode with Rat Man talking to air boarder competitor Eric Willett about the Shaun White event! See what he says about Air & Style! RIVE music here from Detroit rapper 20 Twen rolling his song “Smart Money”…Smart enough and Snappy Enough for XC!

This classic show episode closes out with host Rat Sult at the main music stage with music fans Talia and Max Mereles from San Diego cheering on event headliner Steve Aoki’s performance! Big enough for XCORPS TV!

Thanks for Joining US!

A J.S.Edmondson FilM

First Airing 3/2-15 TRT- 22:00

See the Action Hear the Music Join the Xcorps

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