The MUSIC Element in Production

Action Sports TV Production – The MUSIC Element

If your want your NEW Action Sports show to be unique then it NEEDS a COOL MUSIC element to go along with all your eXtreme video!

In todays Action Sports scene Music is as much a part of the eXtreme sports LIFESTYLE as anything!

ORIGINAL Xcorps Show Theme Song by Jason Lazo:

Along with your show having a STRONG catchy and unique sounding THEME SONG your show personality will be determined by the MUSIC you choose to accompany your wild Action Sports video footage so make it a good fit in the edit bay post production.


XCORPS TV has a show FORMAT which incorporates musical artists MUSIC VIDEOS in with the ACTION eXtreme SPORTS scenes . Yes we do spend a LOT of time on this element of the shows production but it sets us apart having all the GREAT BANDS on the show with so many styles of music represented it really widens our audience demographics and is worth the production effort.
No ‘Canned or Stock’ or GB beat music tracks but instead we use a WIDE VARIETY of contemporary MUSIC – up to 5 bands featured per show – whose music vids are creatively edited INTO the Action Sports sequences in each XC episode.


There are a number of avenues you can take to choose and acquire music for your films and videos however the MUSIC you use has to be as well PRODUCED as the VIDEO you are editing it with!

Just like pro video – which immediately ‘Looks’ good on screen – an artists music track has to immediately SOUND BIG and CLEAN with all the right levels! Getting audio done right is as tough and time consuming as video editing! A well produced song track stands on it’s own the first moments you hear it. Whatever Action Sports you shoot there will be a great song to ride along and PUMP UP your video footage whether it be SURFING or SKATING or any ADVENTURE! There are many styles of music and a song is out there that will take your audience happily into your video.


So in short your production music has to be really WELL PRODUCED just like your video to make it on your show! Please be BRUTAL about this even if a family member BEGS to use their song and even if its a GREAT song if it doesn’t sound BIG then sorry forget it…NEXT!


We go through STACKS of band CD’s here at XC and found you can usually tell song production quality the first 10 seconds of listening to a band! You hear the SOUND QUALITY first and then the song gets tested next. You will never know and always be surprised at the places your can find talented musicians willing to sign a release in exchange for millions of eyeballs.


Whatever music track you come up with make it unique to your show and not ‘store bought’ music but ORIGINAL because you’ll want to run with it though your TV series entirety. The MUSIC and audio tracks in your video TV production is HALF your productions VALUE so it better be good to keep up with all those great shots your getting! We know this from the experience of featuring bands on our Action Sports show productions before MTV sports!


One option for finding MUSIC RIGHTS is to go through a Music Promo Agent or company working as such. Promotional agents take many forms from those in the PRESS distributing video VNR’s to agents who are hired by record companies to promote their MUSIC for use on broadcast TV shows. We have found that this is a great way to access band and specifically MUSIC VIDEO content which is incorporated into our show productions.


The history of broadcast TV from the early days of radio and TV has included the promotional use of music with the intent of the music unions – BMI/ASCAP – making it possible for musicians to be paid by the union when their music is included on a large broadcast. This artist payment system does work especially with the major TV networks though the artist payment system is dependent on the band or musical artist being a registered dues worthy member of the BMI/ASCAP union to get any funds. We at Xcorps TV as part of our production process do create for each episode music ‘CUE SHEETS’– which contain details to the artists total music use in each show. We attach these CUE SHEETS to all shows going out to air though there is no guarantee the station is big enough or will follow through with the payment process.


We did ‘test’ the BMI/ASCAP music rights payback system on our Xcorps show series using our TV host and producer Jason Lazo, who is the musician responsible for the Xcorps TV show open THEME SONG of which he is the registered BMI/ASCAP song writer! Sure enough the first time we aired on a big enough network (usually 10M+ network) and in this case Fox Sunsports Florida Jason received nice little checks from BMI/ACAP! With all the many bands we have promoted on our show we hope that this payback system has worked for many of them in the same way.


PROMOTIONAL MUSIC USE is one important production element you can utilize and is why we go out of our way on the Xcorps TV series to give the artist ON SCREEN CREDITS during the show segments as well as in the more traditional show end credit roll. We also promote the artists through custom show GFX that include the artists CD cover and promo photo’s of the band as well as home town ect. One note…We have to go through a LOT of band music videos to find ONE that FITS a particular episode so be patient and cast a wide net!


Xcorps works with a number of PROMOTIONAL music agencies including RIVE Music Promotions out of New Jersey and through additional agents in the entertainment field including XC associate producer Fred Croshal from Maverick Records/CEG Group, Vickie Starr from GIRLIE ACTION promotions and Kevin Zinger from Suburban NoiZe Records. Xcorps has also featured many bands as independent artists via contacts through social media. Xcorps TV Productions also works with artists and bands to create and promote music videos for artists as well and PRESS CD RELEASES.


Xcorps TV productions is grateful to all the bands and musical artists who have appeared on the show and we have done our best to give credit beyond where it is do. Showing gratitude and ‘SPECIAL THANKS’ to all those involved in the production is the way to go!


See the Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
Stay Tuned!

Stu Edmondson
executive producer
Xcorps TV


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