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XCORPS TV Show 58. LIBERATOR – Xcorps TV Presents B-24 LIBERATOR – Mission So Cal – A special USA military classic historical aircraft tribute presentation hosted by Jason Lazo!

The Collings Foundation based in Massachusetts restores vintage military vehicles and aircraft across the United States offering public flights in their B-24 and B-17 planes as well as many other vintage aircraft they restore and maintain.

This Xcorps special film episode gives the viewer the B-24 flying eXperience – a feeling similar to FLYING in a LOCOMOTIVE train at 250 mph with the windows down!

For this episode as with all XC episodes we recommend viewers crank up the volume and actually FEEL the 7000 HP power band vibrations from the Liberators 4 Pratt and Whitney R-1830 radial engines recorded by special microphones placed onboard the B-24 while flying in this classic piece of American history on a mission over southern California!


SHOW VIDEO – CLICK BELOW – Xcorps TV #58. B-24


Xcorps TV Presents B-24 LIBERATOR – Mission So Cal – Full Length Show VIDEO

Check Out This Cool B-24 Liberator Stuff!


AIRING Last Week on XCTV – Xcorps Show #59. SEMA VEGAS

Xcorps TV AIRING this week #59. SEMA VEGAS on Cox YurView ch.4 Thursday 9:30 pm.

XCTV rolls San Diego to Las Vegas Nevada to report on the biggest automotive convention on the planet the SEMA show!

Hosted by Rat Sult bringing XCTV viewers to the streets outside with a focus on CORE off road racing featuring major contender Robby Gordon.

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Last week on XCTV!

Xcorps Show #60 AIRSTYLE Featuring Shaun White



TV – Shaun White Air and Style Festival Event in LA!

Xcorps Action Sports and Music TV host Rat Sult talks with 
snow board and skate athlete Shaun White about his AIR and STYLE event that Shaun debut in the USA February
 21/22 2015 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena California!

SUPER ACTION from the worlds pro snowboarders launching off a kicker after dropping from a 160 
foot snow ramp!
 Rat raps with Shaun 
about the cool lineup of BANDS at the event which includes Shaun’s own band BAD

Xcorps TV # 60.AIRSTYLE VIDEO LINK Full Show


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Airing Last Week on COX YurView MEDIA…

Xcorps Action Sports TV productions presents XCTV host Rat Sult reporting on wild stadium style dirt track truck racing along with BIG JUMP action at the historic Lake Elsinore Motor sports Park in California!

This special XCTV motor sports episode delivers full pedal down wild truck race action and new music from So Cal band Ravenscroft releasing the power chords needed to match this kind of Action!


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 63. TRUCK RACES

This show includes insane airborne truck action and a cool track side interviews with Rat and race overall winner Rob MacCachren!

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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #64. – NOOD SAILING – Full Show VIDEO 

Xcorps TV cameras were rolling again off the coast of San Diego filming the largest pro sailing event in the USA – the Helly Hansen National Offshore One Design Regatta known as the NOOD Sail Races! This video focuses on the 2016 season nautical offshore sail race event which included more than 100 boats and crew teams competing over the three day regatta.

Primo southern California weather conditions prevailed making for great ocean scenery video including the sparkling San Diego as a backdrop! This is a very scenic Xcorps episode featuring a beautiful sport in “America’s Finest City” along with great music from very talented musical artists!

This XCTV Special Presentation is hosted by San Diego Yacht Club’s presenter Emily Willhoft.

XCTV cameras were on board the official PRESS chase boat as well as recording video on an event race boat the ‘Sweet Okole’ skippered by owner Rick Harris of San Diego. Check out the wild Race Action and hear the crew calls with a close up in your face POV look at a group of 3 Beneteau First 40.7’s battling for the pin with only inches to spare before bumping glass!

Great BIG original music powering this XCTV Action Sports show with colorful spinnakers flying along with a sound track from audio artist Grant Olsen and the song ‘Street Dance In LA’.
Additional music in this show by THE Deanna Bogart demonstrating her amazing multi instrumental musical talents as well!

Special production Thanks goes out to Rick Harris skipper of Sweet Okole along with Johanna Schaffer at Bonnier Corp Helly Hansen and Sailing World editor David Reed.

Full credits as well to team Sweet Okole and Sweet Okole crew videographer Julie Moritz.
Additional crew members of ‘Sweet Okole’ making it all happen include Mike Davies, Bill Ramaciotti, Mark Wallace, Nick Lavrega, John Rudderham, Jason Hemmi and Chris Hinck. Special Thanks to Rick Harris and Enrique Mereles for filming on El Nair in the XCTV Flashback segment on this show.



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A J.S.Edmondson FiLm FiLm original TV AIR 2016
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Xcorps TV airing this week Nationally on COX MEDIA YUR VIEW Thursdays at 9:30 PM

In San Diego Xcorps Airs on COX ch.4 Thursdays at 9:30 PM


Xcorps Action Sports TV CAMP SHRED part 1.

Worlds Largest Surf Demo San Elijo State Beach Campground Cardiff California Feb. 24-25 2018

Music by the Devastators and the Ginger Roots.


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A JSE FiLm Trt – 8:45 2/27/2018 release


Xcorps TV airing this week Nationally on COX MEDIA YUR VIEW Thursdays at 9:30 PM

In San Diego Xcorps Airs on COX ch.4 Thursdays at 9:30 PM

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