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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 17 Motown-Jetboard – FULL SHOW

See the Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!

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Stu Edmondson
executive producer
Xcorps TV



Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 17. JETBOARD – Full Show FreeTeam Xcorps rolls into action once again with show host Jason Lazo in Detroit Michigan jamming a local club with his band, co-host Roslyn Bradle on the beach in California covering a cool skim board event, X Man Bob Woodard test riding the revolutionary Powerski Jet Board and X Guru Eric Ducharme putting on a huge Extreme Sports XPO in San Diego.


This Action and Adrenaline powered Xcorps show opens with Jason in metro Detroit Motor City talking about his band the Don Juan Invitation and the local Motown music scene.


Beyond the usual Action Sports eXpectations this XC episode also delivers great new original music with a special Xcorps LIVE performance tribute song from Jason Lazo’s band.


Don Juan Invitation playing club RUMORS Royal Oak Michigan.


Sounds and looks like the club audience likes it too!


After covering the Detroit club scene the X CAMS shift back to Southern California with Xcorps show host Bob Woodard at the Xcorps test siteIrvine Lake California where Bob takes a serious look and a test ride on a new way to skip across the water…on a Powerski Jetboard!


Check out the action here with surfer Bob riding the Jetboard for the first time!

Looks like traditional surfing experience helps a lot when your riding a H2O jet powered board!


Follow some of Bob’s lake skimming speed runs for the X cameras while on his first ride on the jet propelled board backed with a music video from the Maverick Records band The Deftones.


After the break this Xcorps show shifts over to Laguna Beach California where we find XC host Roslyn Bradle covering the niche fun beach sport of skim boarding or riding the waves that break on the beach where this cool fun sport began.


 Beach break wave skim boarding Laguna Beach


Laguna Beach is all about the beach break and XC cams get lots of sweet skim moves by some of the best skim surfers out there all mixed up with music and shots from So. Cal Fullerton based band LiT rolling their thing with their hit single song “Looks Like They Were Right”.


Toes in the sand Roz walks the Laguna Beach skimming event and talks with skimboard master and Common Sense band member Nick Hernandez about the local history of the wave riding sport.


Skim board capital USA – Laguna Beach California!


The focus on new and exciting Action Sports continues with this next show segment with the XC cameras rolling from Laguna Beach south to beautiful San Diego where host and sports toy gadget X GURU Eric Ducharme demonstrates his skills at producing public action sports events!


Xcorps producer Eric Ducharme calls his latest eXtreme circus the Action Sports and Fitness Show held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego.

This Action Sports X event
features a 3 genre HUGE AIR mix by skaters, mountain boarders and BMX bike freestylers pushing it to the limit and to the beat from the all chick Maverick Records band LilliX doing the Romantics tune ‘What I like About You’… Perfect!


Xcorps host Jason Lazo reports from the X sports circus Del Mar California.


See what Eric Big Air Ducharme has to say about his event. Right on X Guru!


Mountain Boarding BIG AIR at the Del Mar Action Sports XPO!


This Xcorps show wraps back in Detroit with Jason Lazo and his band doing another original tune from the stage at club Rumors and a look at some pro sky surfing from the next episode of the Xcorps.


Additional music in this show by the Nordic band Millencolin.


Just another day on the Xcorps…Stay tuned!


Hosted by Jason Lazo, Roslyn Bradle, Eric Ducharme and Bob Woodard.


Special thanks to Fred Croshal and Jill Augusto.


Production thanks also to Nitrus/DRT Records, Walt Disney Pictures, Hollywood Records, Rive Video promotions, Damon Krouse, DJI music and club Rumors Royal Oak Michigan.



See the Action Hear the Music Join the Xcorps

TRT-21:00 Close Captioned

A J.S.Edmondson FiLm 8/2004 air release.

©2015 TheXcorps



*Watch the FULL XCORPS TV show episode here for FREE!

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 17 Motown-Jetboard – FULL SHOW

See the Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!

Stay Tuned!

Stu Edmondson
executive producer
Xcorps TV




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*Xcorps TV Production Tip #17. – Please DO IT!

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