Xcorps Music TV Egyptian Acid Rock LIVE Black Plague Brewing – part 1

Xcorps Music TV Presents Egyptian Acid Rock at Black Plague Brewing – part 1

Egyptian Acid Rock LIVE at Black Plague Brewing

Xcorps TV Presents EAR playing at Black Plague Brewing Aug. 4, 2017


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Check out the eXciting High Energy Funky Fusion created by the dynamic duo musical tag team of drummer Marco Wood and a base guitar player Chris Swan of the local San Diego musical artists Egyptian Acid Rock performing live onstage in Oceanside California at Black Plague Brewing – a new addition to the lineup of north county San Diego taprooms!

Warning…Recovery and recharge may be required after viewing!


Chris Swann

Marco Wood

Stay Tuned for additional video music releases from the local music stage in Oceanside at Black Plague Brewery!

A Jse Film  TRT- 4:33



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