Xcorps TV Presents the Flydive X H20 Jet Powered Board

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Xcorps Action Sports X PRESS

Sept. 28, 2021 San Diego CaliforniaJET Pack America H2O jet board DEMO Mission Bay San Diego.* New XCTV ACTION VIDEO RELEASE!

Fly DiVe X

Music by RIVE promoted artist BEE-B popping her number “Confidence”.

RIVE Promoted musical artist Bee-B

Emerging RIVE promoted singer-songwriter Bee-B with Roots
in Compton California taps into the spirit of the legendary rapper and producer
duo of Missy Elliot and Timbaland on her new release titled

XCTV cameras were rolling on the Thunderboat races at Crown Point at BAYFAIR when they caught some Flydive X Board pro’s having some fun on the bay as well! Check out their very acrobatic sky flying moves!

Flydive X Board

Also in this show the eXtreme Sport of riding ANYTHING powered by a blasting jet of H2O sounds just plain FUN for some humans and those from other planets but the RUSH of FLYING a water powered board is one the newest sports out there as you will see here on The Xcorps!

H20 Jet Powered!

Though water jet powered backpacks and other bulky water jet contraptions have been around for a while this new FLYDIVE X twin blast jet board is small and lightweight and is powered via a tethered JETSKI which produces LOTS of respectable full throttle jet streaming through a flexible 30 foot hose straight to your board…Hang ON!


Place – Mission Bay San Diego Ca – A man made recreational water world originally created for THUNDERBOAT RACING on a 2.5 mile course which is one of the fastest smooth water tracks available! XCTV shoots the fastest boats on earth the THUNDERBOATS on Mission Bay.

San Diego Bay Fair Sept. 17-19, 2021. Part of the San Diego BAYFAIR outdoor sporting event the H1 THUNDERBOATS are the fastest boats on the planet capable of racing at over 300 MPH!

Stay Tuned for MORE XC VIDEO Releases Coming Soon!

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