Xcorps Action Sports Music TV #8. SURF

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Hanging with Gerry Lopez in Hawaii

Xcorps Action Sports TV #8 SURF
Shots from Gerry’s Pad in Maui


Xcorps 8. SURF – The naturally compelling sport of Ocean Surfing is the focus of this episode featuring a surf trip to the notorious island of Todos Santos off Ensenada Mexico and then an exclusive interview with surf legend Gerry Lopez at his home in Maui Hawaii. XcorpsTV8SURFgerryLopez4MAX XcorpsTV8SURFgerryLopez3GIF-copy

Also on this show Xcorps goes to exotic Hawaii to the island of Maui to visit and talk with ‘Pipeline’ surf legend Gerry Lopez. Gerry talks about the early days of Pipeline and why he missed the 1st ‘Pipeline Masters’ surf event. Included are clips of fellow surfer Corky Carroll in Huntington Beach Ca with his side of the story!

See what the XC CAMS came across covered up hidden on a surf rack in Gerry’s garage!? Yes our cameras filmed the original ‘Lightning Bolt’ surf board from the 1978 Warner Bros. cult movie Big Wednesday starring Gerry and actors Jan-Michael Vincent, William Katt and Gary Busey.

After that it’s back to California where Roslyn opens a segment with The X Guru – Eric Ducharme riding the new SiKK Bike – the worlds smallest motorcycle. Jason closes out the show from Todos Santos with a few more big waves along with a promise of the return of B.A.S.E. jumper Ray Murphy to the next show with his own version of SiKK action- jumping the sheer cliffs of Copper Canyon Mexico! Music by Soul Hooligan/Diana King, Sea Lords, Screamin Seamen, Prom Kings and Chron. Mahalo.


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