Xcorps TV X PRESS Video Man Solo KAYAKS California To HAWAII NO CELL or GPS!

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Xcorps Action Sports TV X PRESS New Video Release – Ed Gillet Solo Paddles CALIFORNIA to HAWAII with NO CELL GPS OR SUPPORT SHIPS FULL SOLO… What?!

Man thought LOST Solo Paddles CAL to HAWAII NO SUPPORT SHIPS or or GPS or RADIO to assist!

XCTV Presents “Kayak To Hawaii” VIDEO RELEASE seg. 1.

Xcorps TV has previously featured Hawaiian watermen Gerry Lopez and Garrett McNamara on the show now exclusively presents an unsung hero in the adventure world.

Ed Gillet and his Kayak after arriving in Maui Hawaii from California.

Few have heard of a long distance sea kayak adventurer named Ed Gillet who in 1987 at 36 years old was the first person known on planet Earth to SOLO paddle a kayak – NO SUPPORT SHIPS or RADIO/GPS – from California to Hawaii – 2400 miles a record that though challenged still holds now in 2020…Fairly hard core and fully eXtreme!

Ed has been a high school teacher in San Diego.


ED finally finished a book on his ocean adventures for release on Amazon – link below:

In the summer of 1987 Ed Gillet achieved what no person has accomplished before or since, a solo crossing from California to Hawaii by kayak. Gillet, at the age of 36 an accomplished sailor and paddler, navigated by sextant and always knew his position within a few miles. Still, Gillet underestimated the abuse his body would take from the relentless, pounding, swells of the Pacific, and early into his voyage he was covered with salt water sores and found that he could find no comfortable position for sitting or sleeping. Along the way he endured a broken rudder, among other calamities, but at last reached Maui Hawaii on his 63rd day at sea, four days after his food had run out.

Ed ate his toothpaste to get energy for the final desperate middle of the night paddle to shore before being swept past Hawaii and into a vast void in the Pacific!

Ed Gillett on day 45 – California to Hawaii 63 day journey!

Author Dave Shively brings Gillet’s remarkable story to life in this gripping narrative, based on exclusive access to Gillet’s logs as well as interviews with the legendary paddler himself.

Xcorps TV has known eXtreme Kayaker Ed Gillet since the mid 80’s in Point Loma San Diego when he was preparing for his over the edge deep ocean adventure to Hawaii!  XCTV producer Stu Edmondson was then working at Point Loma Camera and sold Ed the Nikon Action Touch 35mm waterproof film camera that took these pictures documenting the journey – one of the few electronic devices that did not fail during the more than 2 month historic sea voyage!



This video interview took place in San Diego in 2000 where Ed recalls the challenges of the grueling 63 day 2400 mile sextant guided open sea journey.

See what Ed says kept him going and check out the shots he took along the way on his unsupported solo trip from Monterey Ca to Maui Hawaii.

Great POV video ACTION rolling with the MUSIC here with Ed taking on some fun breaking waves off Ocean Beach San Diego California. The still images for this video was shot with PRE GoPro water cameras attached to his kayak such as the Nikon Action Touch 35mm film camera provided by J.S.Edmondson and unlike Ed’s GPS unit and radio was one of the few electronic devices that did not fail on the journey!

Music from Rive promoted band Snake And The Chain featuring musical artists Snake Allen, Kuryakin and Bif Naked doing their song “Heavy”…nice fit!

Download Snake and the Chain Music:

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SUMMER Oceanside California

Just another Summers day with Xcorps TV producer Lisa Edmondson along with the Hot Tomato Johnny Jones ROCKING some JET SKIS doing some wave riding outside Oceanside Harbor north of San Diego

This is the debut of XCTV show host Talia Mereles…Have a look at her reporting style!

XCTV presents surf scenes along the Southern California coast.

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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV rolled cameras on the MONSTER TRUCKS at the San Diego Fair.

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV seg.1 – VIDEO BELOW –  Monster Truck Action POV

Rosalee Ramer drives the Monster Truck WILD FLOWER and her father Kelvin Ramer rolling in TIME FLYS at the San Diego County Fair July 4, 2018

Hosted by Rat Sult.

Monster Truck Action rolling with music video from RIVE promoted Brooklyn NYC solid rock band CRIMSHAW performing their song MONSTER!

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New Show Episodes Released from Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Encinitas California

XCTV went Over the Top with the release of its first round of 65 show episodes and now Xcorps Action Sports Music Lifestyle TV has just released another 40 NEW original half hour format shows to its the world viewing audience including LIFESTYLE FASHION and MUSIC shows as well as a new XC branded MOTOR SPORTS TV series!

XCTV NEW Show Titles Released to AIR

Xcorps TV San Diego California 40 NEW Shows Releases

Xcorps TV is currently in production with the following completed titles:

All shows are Trt:30:00 with 6 min. spots FCC broadcast TV format.


XCORPS 65 JUMP CHAMPS – Off Road Vehicle Jump Track in Ca

XCORPS 66 DIRT DUEL – Off Road Skateboard Event in California

XCORPS 67 X MIX – Extreme Skateboarding and 10 Mile Luge Run

XCORPS 68 X ROCKET – Personal Space Travel and Mig-21 Fighter Jet Flight

XCORPS 69 DOWN HILL – Dirtboarding and Pool Skating in California.

XCORPS 70 BIG WAVES – Monster Wave Surfers in Hawaii

XCORPS 71 CAMP SHRED – Worlds Largest Surfing Gear Demo

XCORPS 72 CRATER LAKE – Xcorps Road Trip to Crater Lake Oregon

XCORPS 73 HAMMER MAN – Antique Firearms and Extreme Brain Skills

XCORPS 74 HAWAII PEACOCK BASS – Fresh Water Peackock Bass Fishing Kauai Hawaii


XC Fashion TV 1 – SWIMWEAR – Isla Aditi Swimwear Models Photo Shoot LA

XC Fashion TV 2 – Fashion FILM FEST 1 – La Jolla California Fashion Film Festival

XC Fashion TV 3 – Fashion FILM FEST 2 – La Jolla California Fashion Film Festival

XC Fashion TV 4 – PHOTO SHOOT – Isla Aditi Swimwear photo shoot Beverly Hills California


XCORPS MUSIC 1 SWITCHFOOT – Surf Show with SWITCHFOOT Live at the Beach

XCORPS MUSIC 2 REGGAE MIX – PLPCC Party San Diego with Major Musical Artists

XCORPS MUSIC 3 CAMP SHRED 2 – Surfing and Music Scene in San Diego

XCORPS MUSIC 4 Jam On Rocks 1 – Deanna Bogart and Friends Jazz Blues Jam

XCORPS MUSIC 5 Jam On Rocks 2 – Deanna Bogart and Friends Jazz Blues Jam

XCORPS MUSIC 6 Jam On Rocks 3 – Deanna Bogart and Friends Jazz Blues Jam


XC MS 1 BANDIT X – Resto Mod Rebuild 1979 TransAM

XC MS 2 SPEEDFEST – Coronado Classic Car Races San Diego Ca.

XC MS 3 CRUISIN GRAND – BIG Car Show in Escondido California

XC MS 4 WILD RIDES – Charger Steves WILD RIDES Car Show

XC MS 5 ANTIQUE DRAGS – Drag Track Action in Southern California.

XC MS 6 BARONA DRAGS – Drag Track Action in Southern California.

XC MS 7 CACKLE CARS – Early Era Dragsters Car Show in El Cajon Ca.

XC MS 8 ROD RUN – Car Shows in Las Vegas and Temecula California.

XC MS 9 BURGER RUN – Car Show in Vista California

XC MS 10 SANDSTONE CANYON – Borrego California 4X4 Desert Adventures

XC MS 11 TRAIL DUSTER – California Desert 4X4 Action and Borrego Days Parade

XC MS 12 BORREGO DESERT – Rat Rides his Mountain Bike in the Borrego Desert.

All shows Broadcast ready with commercial spots Trt:30:00

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Blake Banks Music

SWAMIS New Years Day Surf Session Encinitas California Sunset January 1, 2020


NEW XC SURFING VIDEO Swamis Day 1, 2020

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