August 5, 2017 – XCTV Presents OFF ROAD NIGHTS Temecula California

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents OFF ROAD NIGHTS 2017 – VIDEO part 1


July 2, 2017 – XCTV Presents the Tom Curren Band playing live at Moonlight Beach Encinitas California

XCTV SHOW Segment VIDEOS – CLICK BELOW – Tom Curren Band Moonlight Beach

Xcorps TV Presents Tom Curren Band – Moonlight Beach Part 2

Xcorps TV Presents Tom Curren Band – Moonlight Beach Part 3

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Xcorps TV Press Photos and New Video segment – Kobra and the LOTUS video 3 and an interview with Kobra Paige at club Brick By Brick in San Diego California.

Hosted by Charger Steve reporting for XCMTV.

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV presents a Heavy Night of LIVE METAL at the Brick By Brick venue May 27, 2017 in San Diego California.


A Night of Metal With Touring Bands:

Xandria, Once Human, Kobra and the Lotus and from Tijuana Mexico a band called Alchemy.


XCTV SHOW Segment VIDEOS – CLICK BELOW – Action Sports Music TV Special Presentation Metal Night Brick By Brick

Part 2 Metal Bands MIX Trt:8:02 

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Part 1 – ALCHEMY

Alchemy (MEX) VIDEO – Trt- 6:04

“Rocking attached to the style that has led us to embrace music as a way of life, long life to metal…”

Based in Tijuana Mexico

Hosted By “CHARGER STEVE” reporting for Xcorps TV! Charger Steve has appeared on many XCTV video reports as THE Car Show MAN in San Diego starting with Star car one of the “General E Lee” a 1969 Dodge Charger from the “Dukes of Hazard” TV series!

Stay Tuned to XCTV for additional videos from the all the artists from this HEAVY night!

Special Thanks to RIVE video promotions and Jon Freeman Promotions and Brick By Brick San Diego in this production.

SHOW VIDEO – CLICK BELOW – Action Sports Music TV Special Presentation The Jump Champs – Part 1

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XCTV continues its focus on the off road motorsports world this time filming the 2nd annual “The Jump Champs” event held the weekend of May 13, 2017 at the historic Glen Helen motor sports track.

The OffRoad all terrain vehicle madness was awesome and non stop going all day and open to the public with dust lifting Baja Style time trials followed by a major BIG AIR Jump Contest off a dirt launch all happening at the Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernadino Ca.

Hosted by Rat Sult reporting for Xcorps TV who interviews event producer Andrea Kepler along with a cool look at the underground race world with Rat talking to viral film maker and off road driver Blake Wilkey whose 800 HP fully customed Baja Bug rolled some radical wheel time in the San Diego street film “Urban Assault” which got him some viral video fame and a little jail time to go with it!
Hear his story here on XCTV!

*Kids – Please Note Do Not follow these Wilkey driving tips when making your own viral video.
See wild action clips clips from his film during the interview with Rat who also talks about his new retail “Shreddy” line and then Stay Tuned to watch Blake take his heavily modified Off Road VW Bug on an eXtended flight flight off the Glen Helen Jump Champ kicker ramp!

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Special Thanks to The Jump Champs producers Sean Kepler and Andrea Kepler, Blake Wilkey and also to the RIVE promoted Napalm Records band Kobra and The Lotus which IS the twisted metal aspect of this video segment led by seXy vocalist performer Kobra Paige belting out the song ”You Don’t Know” off the “Prevail I” release.

See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
A J.S.Edmondson Film – 5/2017 Release TRT-6:39
Super B Cam footage by XCTV producer Lisa Edmondson
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