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Xcorps Sweetrides Motor Sports #13. WAVECREST – Woody’s Seg. 1.

Xcorps X PRESS November 19, 2020 Encinitas California.
New XC show video release for the 2020 Season!

Xcorps Sweetrides Motor Sports #13. WAVECREST Woodies part. 1


Xcorps TV LOVES uniquely classic vehicles and is fortunate to be located in the COOL beach town of Encinitas California home of the surf car event called the Wavecrest Woodies car show!

Join the Xcorps and ride some sweet waves at SWAMIS beach and taste the surf flavored Music by a local So Cal band The Sea Lords.

Stay Tuned for this video focusing on the beach and surf lifestyle with XC Sweetrides show host Scott Sommers at Encinitas Moonlight Beach talking to the owners of some true truly American historic vehicles…Cars made with beautiful WOOD as part of the vehicles design!

Xcorps Motorsports TV WAVECREST GIF Posters 2

Check out the sweet XCORPS Drone Cam Video of SURFING action above the beach in Encinitas California with XCTV Sweetrides TV host Scott Sommers talking with Woodies car owner Mike Chase from Huntington Beach and his original Working Woodies car the original Scripts Ranch wagon – a wood clad 1951 Ford Country Squire.

Xcorps Motorsports TV 13 WAVECREST

Also featured is a Phil Albright and his fully original 1950 Chrysler Woodie Wagon. See how many of these cars were made to make Phil the lucky owner!
*No termite or carpenter experience car mechanic jokes were made in the making of this video report!

Cool classic car night scenes from downtown Encinitas Highway 101

This video features RIVE promoted musical artist RIOTRON!

RIOTRON – The brainchild of singer/songwriter Jeff Fettes, Riotron is an electro-pop project from Winnipeg, Canada that combines elements of 80s synthwave, EDM and even some jazz into a unique sound.

Additional music by local So Cal band The Sea Lords.
Stay Tuned for the next XC Sweetrides Motorsports episode – WAVECREST.
Music Videos provided by RIVE promotions.
See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!

A J.S.Edmondson Film Hosted by Scott Sommers.

XC MS 13 WAVECREST seg.1 Trt: 9:00 Nov.18, 2020 Release for AIR.
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*Dear XCTV viewers: These Covid 2020 times make it tough to shoot events so the video producers and editors at XCTV are utilizing the massive HD digital video library to bring our audience NEW never before broadcast video adventures edited with NEW Music Videos!

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