Xcorps TV Show TITLES 1-75

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64 XCORPS TV episodes available to AIR on Broadcast Cable and Satellite TV

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Show – 75 Broadcast Episode Titles


XC#1.INVERT – BMX bike action and Tony Hawk skating.
XC#2.BASE – BASE jumping Kjerag Norway with Ray Murphy
XC#3.SNOWBIKE – Snow Biking Big Bear Ca with X Guru Eric Ducharme
XC#4.AIRBORNE – Xcorps hosts Roslyn and Jason Skydive Perris CA
XC#5.PAINTBALL – Paintball marker action with team Xcorps
XC#6.MX – MX action with Mike Metzger and the MX Girls
XC#7.SPEEDSKI – Long Beach to Catalina Speed Waterski Races
XC#8.SURF – Early days of PIPELINE with Gerry Lopez
XC#9.SUPERBIKE – Superbikes at the Ca Speedway and BASE Jumping
XC#10.HAWAII – Blue Marlin fishing in Hawaii with Bob Woodard
XC#11.MTN.HIGH – Winter Action at Mountain High resort Ca
XC#12.LUGE – Barrett Junction Shootout Street Luge Racing
XC#13.WHEELMAN – Rim Drive Foot Motorcycle
XC#14.BASE 2 – BASE Jumping Mexico Cave of Swallows
XC#15.RAT – Wild XMAN Rat Sult Street Luges For Xcorps
XC#16.The MUSIC – Jason and Roslyn host a Music Special
XC#17.MOTOWN – Jason Lazo in Detroit Bob Woodard Rides Powerski
XC#18.MTN.BOARD – Off Road Skate Action Mountain Board!
XC#19.DUNES – High Powered Sand Rods at The Glamis Dunes
XC#20.XPO – Extreme Action Sports Circus Del Mar California
XC#21.ASR – Action Sports Retail Convention San Diego Ca
XC#22.WAKEBOARD – Pro Wakeboard Action at Lake Elsinore Ca
XC#23.XBIKE – Snow Bike Action with Rat Sult at Mount Baldy Ca
XC#24.RCX – Remote Control Racing with Rat Sult in Temecula Ca
XC#25.MOTOSK8 – Motorized Inline Skaters on Coast Hwy 101 Ca
XC#26.WAKE 2 – Pro Wakeboarding with Wakeworld in So Ca
XC#27.CABO – Marlin Fishing and Dune Buggies in Cabo Mexico
XC#28.WINTER X – Snowsports Tom Whitaker Climbs Everest
XC#29.MIG21 – Xcorps Host Jason Lazo Flies a Russian Mig-21
XC#30.BMX – Riding with Rick Thorne at Fade To Black
XC#31.THUNDERBOATS – Hydo Boat Racing in San Diego
XC#32.DUNES 2 – Sand Vehicles at Glamis Dunes Ca
XC#33.WAKE 3 – Pro Wake Boarding Lake Elsinore Ca
XC#34.TOTAL COMBAT – MMA Fighting in San Diego
XC#35.VIPER – Rat Sult Sand Roding Glamis Dunes
XC#36.SKATE – Steve Caballero Skate Event in San Diego
XC#37.XCORR-1 – Offroad Outdoor Track Truck Racing
XC#38.XCORR-2 – Offroad Outdoor Track Truck Racing
XC#39.SPEED – Bonneville Salt Flats SPEEDWEEK
XC#40.HELLS CANYON – Jet Boat Fishing Snake River Idaho
XC#41.HAWAIIMANA – Surfing Hawaii with Hawaiimana
XC#42.) MX GIRLS – Michelle Johnson and the MX Girls
XC#43.) MUSCLE CAR – Hot Rods and The Unit
XC#44.) PADDLEBOARD – Surfing BIG waves with Garrett McNamarra
XC#45.) SKATEPIPE – Steve Alba Skating The Pipe Upland Ca
XC#46.) SNOWBIKE-2 – Snow Biking Big Bear and Mountain High
XC#47.) BIG AIR – X Riders FMX Action in Del Mar Ca
XC#48.) ROAD TOUR-1 – Xcorps Cross Country Tour
XC#49.) ROAD TOUR-2 – Xcorps Cross Country Tour
XC#50.) X DRAGS – Drag Racing at Barona Race Track Ca
XC#51.) SKATE X – Coastal Carnage Skate Action Ca
XC#52.) MARKER X – Paintball Wars Camp Pendleton Ca
XC#53.) WHITEBIRD – Jetboating and Camping Hells Canyon Idaho.
XC#54.) AEROBATS – Aerobatic Airplane Competition
XC#55.) NITRO CIRCUS – Travis Pastrana and FMX motorcycle stunts.
XC#56.) PISMO – Xcorps eXplores a beautiful Cali beach town.
XC#57.) SUPERTRUCKS – Off Road 4×4 Truck racing in California.
XC#58.) LIBERATOR – Flying the worlds only WW-2 Liberator bomber!
XC#59.) SEMA-Vegas – Xcorps reports from the worlds biggest auto show!
XC#60.) AIRSTYLE – Shaun White’s snow sports music event.
XC#61.) OFFROAD NIGHTS – XCTV Rat Sult at his OFF-ROAD Festival.
XC#62.) BAJA BLUES – Baja Mexico Blues Music Fest and Dune Riding.
XC#63.) TRUCK RACING – Lucas Offroad Truck Races in Lake Elsinore Ca.
XC#64.) NOOD SAILING – Helly Hansen Offshore SAILING Regatta San Diego. 

XC#65.) JUMP CHAMPS – OFF ROAD TRACK RACING and Music from Kobra and the Lotus
XC#66.) DIRT DUEL – Off Road Skateboard Event in California 

XC#67.) X MIX – Extreme Skateboarding and 10 Mile Luge Run
XC#68.) X ROCKET – Space Travel and Mig-21 Fighter Jet Flight
XC#69.) DOWN HILL – Dirtboarding and Pool Skating in California.
XC#70.) BIG WAVES – Monster Wave Surfers in Hawaii
XC#71.) CAMP SHRED – Worlds Largest Surfing Gear Demo
XC#72.) CRATER LAKE – Xcorps Road Trip to Crater Lake Oregon
XC#73.) HAMMER MAN – Antique Firearms and Extreme Brain Skills
XC#74.) HAWAII PEACOCK BASS – Peackock Bass Kauai Hawaii

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