Xcorps Music TV Presents DJ SWAMP “Wearin’ My Mask”.

March 1, 2021 – Year of the Covid – Encinitas, California

Xcorps X PRESS – Featured Music Cut – DJ SWAMP “Wearin’ My Mask”.


DJ SWAMP featured artist in this XCTV year of the Covid special video release and a musical statement on Wearing Your Mask!

XCORPS TV MUSIC includes as many musical genres as possible
from Pop Country to Performance Punk and everything in between. This DJ SWAMP
is featured in a heavy rock thumper called “Wearin’ My Mask” – Straight out of
South Central LA Baby!

DJ Swamp just relented to the world a new track with accompanying
visuals for “Wearin’ My Mask”. Produced by DJ Swamp, co-produced by
Angel Nightmare and mixed by DJ Swamp, Angel Nightmare and The Crystal Method,
the track is hot off DJ Swamps latest EP – the “Wearin’ My Mask” EP. Experience
it…it’s a piece of what’s happening on Earth in 2021!

DJ Swamp should need no introduction and is a well known American
hip hop DJ, turntablist, producer and vocalist. Swamp began mastering his DJ
skills more than 15 years ago. In 1996, his rookie year, he took the title of
USA DMC Champion. Being true to his nature in an arena that was predominantly
influenced by a very hip hop-esque culture, Swamp stepped up to the decks
looking like some kind of junky punk. He was well received by the audience
despite his counter-culture appearance because he exhibited skills that defied
perception and already possessed a stage presence that many of his
contemporaries still lacked. The finale came when he closed his set by freakin’
Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ and then smashing his records.

Notorious for mischief, while he’s on the turntables his shows are
highly anticipated by those who know that they can expect to see something

More on DJ SWAMP from RIVE Promotions:

Although he’s a
hip-hop/d&b artist, his demeanor and appearance are closer to that of a
metal head. He has been referred to as “the Sid Vicious of the DJ’s”, and has
been known to have violent on-stage fits more characteristic of a rock star
than of a hip-hop turntablist. While it’s easy to compare him to rock/punk
legends, in the world of DJ’s he stands alone. Roguish behaviors such as:
breaking his records then cutting himself with the fragmented remains; spitting
fire; and performing cunnilingus on diamond-tipped phonograph needles really
only provides the frame work to showcase what those that are in the ‘know’
recognize as extraordinary turntable skills. Breakbeats, scratching, juggling,
and mutilating LPs and vinyl without losing the beat are all a part of a day at
the ‘office’ for Swamp. Sometimes they end with a trip to the hospital: “I had
to go to the hospital in Phoenix recently with second-degree burns,” Swamp said
from his publicist’s office in New York. “I lit my hand on fire and then blew
fire on it and basically became a blow torch. I don’t use fire retardant or
anything because this is low budget. Dude, I’m just a fire idiot.”

For four years DJ
swamp toured as a member of beck’s band. Immediately following his decision to
depart from the band, swamp released his solo debut album, ‘never is now’ and
toured to back the release. His decision to go out on his own gave him just the
independence that he was looking for and opened up the avenue to
self-expression that both he and the fans were seeking.

Xcorps Music TV Presents DJ SWAMP

Contrary to how he
flows when rhyming (eg. “How can I dis you, I’ve never even heard of
you”-lyrics from ‘Worship the Robot’), he expresses a certain sense of
reverence when reflecting on the path he’s traveled. When considering how he’s
managed to maintain critical mass his response is typically “I’m the luckiest
person you’ll ever meet. Something’s always popping up. I’m just in the right
place at the right time.” Statements like that shouldn’t suggest that he hasn’t
worked hard or employed incredible ingenuity to get where he is. He procured
the spot with Beck by posing as a reporter to pass off his demo in person.

Swamp says that he
draws off of his environment and a ten year affinity with a nameless muse for
inspiration. He observes “what’s going on” and converts his impressions into
his art. His musical influences range from hip hop, to metal, punk, industrial
and anything in between.

DJ Swamp has graced
the pages of: Rolling Stone, Spin, Subculture, Raygun, Mean, DJ Times,
Keyboard, Rap Sheet, Mixer, Rap Pages, The LA Times, and Urb. Urb magazine says
“Witnessing Swamp torture the 1200′s is like watching a magic show.”

Stay Tuned for more from DJ SWAMP right here on XCTV!

Video Trt – 7:47

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Music provided by RIVE promotions.

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