Xcorps Fashion TV Presents IslaAditi SWIM WEEK LA

Xcorps Fashion TV Presents SWIM WEEK LA.

Xcorps Fashion Lifestyle TV reporter Jason Lazo is in LA for SWIM WEEK checking out the Catwalk with a close up look at the IslaAditi Swimwear Line!

IslaAditi Swimwear

Xcorps Fashion TV Presents IslaAditi at LA SWIM WEEK – VIDEO

The XCTV cameras were rolling at the beautiful Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles during SWIM WEEK in Los Angeles with multiple designers presenting their swimwear collections to the line buyers present.

Xcorps host Jason Lazo reports on the fashion scene with the focus on the 10 beautiful models strutting the new exclusive Isla Aditi collection of uniquely designed bikini’s and monokini’s down the fashion catwalk!

Jason talks with line creator Jessica West about the unique qualities of IslaAditi which include recycled materials! IslaAditi swimwear features bold architectural deco designs with bold colors, vintage flair, and exquisite prints.

On the Runway LA Fashion Swim Week – The sophisticated and uniquely sexy swimwear brand ISLAADITI was one of several lines featured on the fashion runway August 9th at the Skirball Cultural Center part of Los Angeles Fashion Swim Week – a branch off from the popular Miami Swim Week showcasing national and international fashion swimwear designers.

This West Coast fashion event is a big glamor, style and celebrity happening and an ideal place to feature the newly created ISLAADITI swimwear collection currently launching with a portion of profits supporting higher education for Maasai girls in rural Kenya and the support of clean water projects.

ISLA ADITI is a chic and luxurious swimwear brand offering alluring resort pieces designed for strong, independent women. Most of the unique designs are reversible and the line reflects sustainability with manufacturing that includes use of eco-friendly Econyl fibers derived from post consumer materials.

Isla Aditi is a modern swimwear classic synonymous with beauty, luxury, and quality.  These architecturally influenced collections are travel inspired and fused with bold tropical colors.  Our swimwear is proudly made in the USA with impeccable attention to detail.  Most pieces are seamless and reversible, designed to flatter women with a gorgeous, sexy fit!

“The name “Isla,” spanish for island, reflects the brand’s island inspiration and resort lifestyle. “Aditi” is a feminine name that captures the spirit of the brand, meaning boundless and free. Be adventurous, boldly inspired, and empowered to be boundless and free”, Jessica West. www.islaaditi.com

Stay Tuned for more IslaAditi fashion lifestyle video segments from XcorpsTV hosted by Jason Lazo and Jessica West. Still photography by Jason Lazo.
Produced by XCTV and Jessica West/IslaAditi.

A J.S.Edmondson FilM 8/2017 TRT- 6:00 ©2017 The Xcorps

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Recent LA shoot for fashion and swimsuit line Isla Aditi – A JSE Fashion FiLm

Produced by Jessica West. Watch Short seXy Promo VIDEO Below:

ISLA ADITI Presents New Swimware Line Behind the scenes photo shoot VIDEO.

Check out the seXy new Isla Aditi swimsuit video featuring a behind the scenes look at a IslaAditi photo shoot.

Peter Carillo (Still shooter)
Stuart Edmondson (Video shooter)

Sonia Sandha
Taelyr Robinson
Kristen Dugas
Hair and Makeup – Kenye Hart
Location: The Gailey House Los Angeles, CA

A J.S.Edmondson FiLm Xcorps TV Produced By Jessica West.


Xcorps TV X PRESS Video Man Solo KAYAKS California To HAWAII NO CELL or GPS!


Stills from the video footage below:






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Xcorps Fashion TV presents a RAW Artists Event With Musical Artist Chezale

Xcorps TV presents a RAW Artists Event at the House of Blues Featuring Musical Artist Chezale.

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents a RAW natural born artists event LIVE at the House of Blues in San Diego California featuring a performance by musical hip hop artist Chezale along with a WIDE MIX of FASHION looks and talents hitting the stage at the always Holy House of Blues!



Mavvin Is a Habit

Hip Hop Nation Pullin out Knots

The X CAMS focused on a happening mix of artists and stage performers in this lifestyle film presentation rolling on RAW natural born artists hosted by the House Of Blues and part of Fashion Week in San Diego.


LIVE performance music tracks here in this positive vibes XCTV video piece showcasing multi talented music, dance, model, actress and Philadelphia PA native Chezale demonstrating her LOVE of her arts in this styling video.

Xcorps TV has always focused toward the positive vibe and continues delivering such to our viewers with this special live video rolling right onstage with Singer/Emcee/Songwriter Chezale aka “LADY MAVERICK” while she hip hops across the catwalk stage at the legendary House Of Blues in San Diego.


Showing off her multi faceted stage training in Tuscon Arizona – Chezale performs her spirited “Mavvin’ is a Habit” – a song promoting individuality and the self spirit with poppin rap lyrics hooking up the HOB audience with the XCAMS rolling right alongside!

The songs credo – Stay Positive – Be a Lone Wolf – Don’t be afraid to be different, embrace who you ARE, be unique, be rebellious, a free thinker and an intellectual!

Chezale IS a Maverick
and she moves to the beat of her own drum!

Xcorps TV presents a special RAW event at the House of Blues San Diego California.


The RAW concept was created by Heidi Luerra in 2003 in Los Angeles. In July 2012, RAW made its first international debut in Australia.


In 2013, RAW opened additional locations in Canada and the UK. RAW is now hosting events and showcasing independent creatives in over 70 cities across the world.


Check out the total creative experience – an indie talent event produced by RAW ventures which provides an alternative platform for visual artists, film makers, fashion designers, musicians, performance artists, hair and makeup artists and photographers to be seen, heard, loved, understood and appreciated!


What would a lifestyle video piece representing Fashion Week in San Diego be without high pumped models strutting the raised walkway so delivered in this XCTV special viewing release. The Xcams roll right on stage following the models down the runway ramp!


The and the sexy roll tight here with multiple runway teams hitting the stage for the enthusiastic camera flashing crowd. Bling models provided by GFASH accessories – Simply fabulous!


Xcorps TV presents a special music lifestyle segment release. It’s all about beautiful models strutting the ramp as well as displays from all genres of artistic directions! It’s also about alternative lifestyles and expressions filling the canvas!
Produced by Xcorps TV.


Special thanks to the House Of Blues San Diego and RAW Heather Ireland along with all the natural born artists and to glam queen designer Gwendolyn Bates at GFASH accessories.
MC Gil Suto introducer.
Thanks to Thomas DeSoto Xcorps TV.


RAW event artists include –
Casandra Richard Acoustic Guitar, singer, Tap Fever (DANCE), Musical Act 2 Chezale R, Carly Topazio
Bandalier band providing drums. Niara.


Athena Matthews, Stephanie Morales, Cherwear Professional Makeup, Galen Gilbert, Athena Matthews,
Stephanie Morales, Cherwear Professional Makeup,
Bethie Miles.


“Blind 2 Nuthin” Honey Peters
Samantha Kerstner
Franzesca Mayer


GFASH Booth-
Rita Ziegler, Dianna Felton, Sylvia Cortez, Alex Bates
Makeup Artist: Emeila Halfmann

GFASH MODELS – Caitlyn Magner, Sara Fornone, Amanda Kitana, Hillegass, Myra Guzman, Kori Danielle, Priscilla Ventura, Caitlyn Magner, Samir Crush.


Stay Tuned for more special reports by Xcorps TV coming soon!



Mavvin Is a Habit

Hip Hop Nation Pullin out Knots

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A  J.S. Edmondson Film

1/2016 Release Trt 10:43
©2016 TheXcorps

Xcorps TV X PRESS Video Man Solo KAYAKS California To HAWAII NO CELL or GPS!

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Chezale Presents


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