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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents “The Jump Champs” – PART 2

Hosted by Mr. Offroad on camera host reporter Rat Sult for Xcorps TV continues its focus on the off road motorsports world this time with the filming of the 2nd annual Jump Champs event held at Glen Helen Raceway California.


Music backing up the Action here from RIVE promoted band Kobra and the Lotus rolling out their new song and music video “Light Me Up”. Xcorps Music guest reporter Charger Steve was in San Diego at club Brick By Brick to meet this band Kobra and The Lotus and snag a cool XC Stay Tuned!

Great ACTION in the edit here from the dirt track with multiple offroad cars and trucks going SUPER BIG off the jump! That’s why they call it Jump Champs!




Xcorps TV Presents “The Jump Champs” – PART 2 VIDEO

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents “The Jump Champs” – Full Show Segment VIDEO Part 1

SHOW VIDEO – CLICK BELOW – Action Sports Music TV Special Presentation The Jump Champs – Part 1

*DOWN LOAD MUSIC from this XCTV SHOW segment – KOBRA and The LOTUS

XCTV continues its focus on the off road motorsports world this time filming the 2nd annual “The Jump Champs” event held the weekend of May 13, 2017 at the historic Glen Helen motor sports track.

The OffRoad all terrain vehicle madness was awesome and non stop going all day and open to the public with dust lifting Baja Style time trials followed by a major BIG AIR Jump Contest off a dirt launch all happening at the Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernadino Ca.

Hosted by Rat Sult reporting for Xcorps TV who interviews event producer Andrea Kepler along with a cool look at the underground race world with Rat talking to viral film maker and off road driver Blake Wilkey whose 800 HP fully customed Baja Bug rolled some radical wheel time in the San Diego street film “Urban Assault” which got him some viral video fame and a little jail time to go with it!
Hear his story here on XCTV!

*Kids – Please Note Do Not follow these Wilkey driving tips when making your own viral video.
See wild action clips clips from his film during the interview with Rat who also talks about his new retail “Shreddy” line and then Stay Tuned to watch Blake take his heavily modified Off Road VW Bug on an eXtended flight flight off the Glen Helen Jump Champ kicker ramp!

Special Thanks to The Jump Champs producers Sean Kepler and Andrea Kepler, Blake Wilkey and also to the RIVE promoted Napalm Records band Kobra and The Lotus which IS the twisted metal aspect of this video segment led by seXy vocalist performer Kobra Paige belting out the song ”You Don’t Know” off the “Prevail I” release.

See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
A J.S.Edmondson Film – 5/2017 Release TRT-6:39
Super B Cam footage by XCTV producer Lisa Edmondson
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This is a XCTV Special Addition to the episode #54. AEROBATS show with newly released video footage of host and eXtreme sports enthusiast Rat Sult riding his skate street luge 10 miles down the S22 Montezuma Highway into the town of Borrego Springs Ca.

XCTV host and street luger Rat Sult on S22 Montezuma Highway shooting Xcorps #54. AEROBATS

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Special Presentation – Rat Sult Skate Luge’s 10 Miles Down Montezuma Grade – Great new music from RIVE promoted artist Paul Hill featuring funK man George Clinton.
SHOW VIDEO – CLICK BELOW – A J.S.Edmondson Film TRT 4:22 Xcorps Action Sports Music TV SPECIAL Video release – Rat’s 10 Mile Luge Ride and Music from Paul Hill.

*DOWN LOAD MUSIC from this XCTV SHOW Special Paul Hill feat. George Clinton

XCTV rolls video on show host Rat Sult as he readies his custom all aluminum racing street luge for an unauthorized speed run, (Rat’s longest career luge run) down a wild hairpin turning 10 mile long stretch of S22 highway called the Montezuma Drop…Crazy!

Rat’s a pro…DON’T TRY this at home kids because a street luge has NO BRAKES!

Xcorps X PRESS Encinitas California April 12, 2017

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV 54. AEROBATS – SPECIAL Newly Released Video Presentation – Montezuma Grade LUGE featuring Rat Sult’s 10 Mile Luge Run and Music from Paul Hill with George Clinton.


Xcorps Action Sports and Music TV presents two very different adrenalized worlds of Action Sports by traveling to the Borrego Desert with extreme aerobatic aircraft pulling hard G’s and XCTV host Rat Sult taking his racing street LUGE on a 10 MILE DOWNHILL speed ride!

Check out never before released Action film footage of Rat Sult rolling his all aluminum racing skate street luge 10 miles down the notoriously steep and S curvy Montezuma Grade S22 highway into Borrego Springs California!

For this grueling speed ride Rat wore his original LINE X yellow leathers and to slow down on the corners he burned away a new pair of Vans skate shoes using them for brakes!


This XCTV film rolls some great new music with the action here with a hip N funky music video from RIVE promotions with musical artist Paul Hill being smooth and fully content win his tune ” Ur Thoughts” featuring FunKy as all HeCk George Clinton!

*DOWN LOAD MUSIC from this XCTV SHOW Special Paul Hill feat. George Clinton


Full No Commercials SHOW VIDEO – CLICK BELOW – Action Sports Music TV #54. AEROBATS – FULL SHOW

XCTV #54. AEROBATS Full Show link

See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
A J.S.Edmondson Film TRT 22:00 ©2017 TheXcorps



Check out this cool AEROBATIC and LUGE stuff:

Bands Vendors and Good Times at the PLPCC Prop 215 Aftermath Event San Diego California


Bands and Vendors at the PLPCC Party – Part 2

Xcorps TV joined the fun at the February 19, 2017 “PROP 215 Aftermath Party” held in San Diego at the PLPCC.org Patient Consumer CO-OP where a super lineup of musical artists performed that included Pato Banton, Don Carlos, E.N Young, Simple Creation along with The Late Ones.

Featured in this video is a medley of HIT songs by Pato Banton like “Love is The Greatest Thing” and “I Do Not Sniff The Coke (I Only Smoke Sinsemilla). Also in this video are songs and live video of Reggae artists Simple Creation followed by Roots Musician E.N Young. DJ Cwitch was a major part of this happening as well.

Also in this video your will get a look at what’s happening in the cannabis brand industry market with wide variety of product vendors set up at the PLPCC event.

XCTV host Rat Sult talks to one of the vendors leading the MED edibles charge named Kushi Punch a company which makes multi flavored dosage squares in precise buzz THC and non-buzz CBG doses. It seems that ANY related food products related to the cannabis plant are hitting the shelves in the legal states from chips to fruit drinks and way beyond! MMJ edibles both Med and recreational are THE break out industry!

This video is all about the music related to an industry with musicians that have influenced the world and an industry. Lots of great XCTV multi cam close up visuals here of the artists along with a multi sourced audio track in this video of the artists performing to the guest audience so crank up the volume and listen to some classic Roots music rolling live at the PLPCC facility.

This special XCTV video release was produced in conjunction with Heidi Rising at the PLPCC.


Bands at the PLPCC Party – VIDEO PART 1

DOWNLOAD MUSIC from these ARTISTS below:

Special Thanks as well to Don Carlos and all the other musical artists and vendors appearing in this video. Thank You as well to Fred R. on B cam and to XCTV host Rat Sult and Kat at the PLPCC Point Loma.

A J.S. Edmondson XcorpsTV FiLm – Produced by Heidi Rising

TRT- 9:14 3/2017

Xcorps TV joined the fun at the February 19, 2017 “PROP 215 Aftermath Party” held in San Diego at the PLPCC.org Patient Consumer CO-OP where a super lineup of musical artists performed that included Pato Banton, Don Carlos, E.N Young, Simple Creation along with The Late Ones featured.

The Late Ones – Born in Gardena, California and now based in Hawaii brothers Tui Avei (Lead vocals), and Tau Avei (Vocals), along with cousin Josh Brunson (Vocals) are the voices.

Built on a roots reggae foundation with influences from various genres like Hip-hop, R&B, and jazz, The Late Ones’ unique blend of style, and smooth harmony shapes a youthful, yet old school reggae vibe.

The Late Ones harness something undeniably special. Rooted in Samoan culture, and complimented by the group’s African American heritage, the familial bond between the three members transcends throughout the group’s conscious lyrics and catchy melodies.

The name “The Late Ones” pays tribute to all of the late and great revolutionaries who have come and gone like Bob Marley, Tupac, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Biko, John Lennon and also present day legends including Jurassic 5, Steel Pulse, Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul just to name a few.

It is the fusion of each revolutionary story, struggle, and message that inspires and resonates with The Late Ones’ own story, struggle, and love for all genres of music. That is the “L81Z” sound.

In late 2014, The Late Ones recorded their debut EP at Sea Major Seven Studio in Honolulu, HI with Producer/Engineer Noah Cronin (Sammy J) and producers Lapana Ieriko and Klandon Fetaui. The Late Ones debut EP Revelate was released on May 5, 2015 via online digital outlets and peaked at number three on the iTunes reggae charts in the first week of the release.

SHOW VIDEO – CLICK BELOW – Action Sports Music TV – The LATE ONES at the PLPCC

Xcorps TV Presents The Late Ones band Jamming at the PLPCC Party from Xcorps on Vimeo.


The LATE ONES – Band Members

Vocals / Tau Avei

Lead Vocals / Tui Avei

Vocals / Josh Brunson

A J.S. Edmondson XcorpsTV FiLm

TRT-3:52 3/2017

Produced by Heidi Rising PLPCC

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Xcorps TV Presents the USAF 56th Strategic Recon Squadron Korean War B-29 Sexy Color Nose Art!


Only 7 years or so after WW2 ended the U.S. had a war going on in Korea. The US now had many military bases all over Japan and was using them heavily in the Korean ‘conflict’. The USAF was flying spy missions toward the Russian border out of Japan and the hot base was Yakota.


*Watch This Xcorps TV Special Video Release at end of this post:

Things were tense in the world because Russia would soon have the H-bomb. It was also a time before satellites looked down on the earth to predict the weather and to spy on enemies.

Getting that information was somewhat dangerous to human life! To get that job done you had to put a crew of United States Air Force fly boys together and put them in charge of a Boeing RB-29/WB-29 Superfortress and send them on weather spy missions!

Lt. J.R.Edmondson, was on assignment again 7 years after flying navigator in B-17s and B-24s in WW2. Now during the Korean conflict he was part the Fighting 56th Reconnaissance Squadron based out of Yokota Japan which was active for just one year from 1951-1952.

Lt. Edmondson used to talk to me about the very long cold missions in the weaponless planes looking for and flying into typhoons (hurricanes) to check the storms strength. One mission he said was so violent that the wind shear twisted the whole tail assembly of the B-29 off by 3 degrees! The plane had to be scrapped! A ride to all hell and back he said proving the strength of the B-29 airframe!


There were stories as well about spy missions north out of Yakota toward the Russian frontier not only to test how well the Rooskis guarded their airspace but also to sniff the air via a bug catcher atmospheric sampler which was installed where the upper and lower gun turrets had been.

This was a time when the U.S. and Russia were blowing off A bombs in the atmosphere to test them out. The question at the time was if Russia had the much more powerful H Bomb.


This question was answered on August 12, 1953 when specialized filters on the B-29 did collect radioactive fallout from Russia’s first hydrogen bomb test. News of this nuclear finding rocked the Air Staff and the world politically!

On the subject of military plane Nose Art the B-29s of The 56th Reconnaissance Squadron was bawdy beautiful and quite exceptional and though short-lived represented the very best in an all American Art form!


Lt. J.R.Edmondson was lucky enough to capture the images on 35mm Kodachrome slide film using a very high quality 35mm camera. He told me that a new squadron commanders wife had objected to the iconic artwork and the planes were soon ordered scrubbed clean. Just before that happened Edmondson walked the runway tarmac – stopping to shoot one slide frame of each B-29 with his new Nikon S2 camera – one of the first 35mm Nikon cameras!


Though there are several of the 56th B-29 nose art shots existing in black and white the 18 Kodachrome slide frames my father Mr.Edmondson shot are the only complete color photo documentation known to exist of the Squadrons Nose Art.


SeXy Nose Art VIDEO Click Below

Xcorps TV Presents Sexy Color Nose Art 56th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron Korean War B-29

Now available are print reproductions made from these original Kodachrome slides from The Xcorps on E-Bay! For non-commercial use only.

More on the B-29 SUPERFORTRESS

See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!


By: J.Stuart Edmondson/San Diego Ca